Farnham Road eateries apply for 2am closing time

Cafes and takeaways in Farnham Road were at loggerheads with Slough Borough Council this week over extending their opening hours.

Members of the council’s planning committee discussed three separate applications from businesses based on the busy row of eateries.

Peri-Peri Chicken Original, serving up food from 246 Farnham Road, asked the council to legally extend its opening hours until 2am daily.

The business secured a licence to trade during these hours 10 years ago but under planning laws, it is supposed to shut at 11pm Monday to Saturday.

The council’s planning department said legally extending their trading hours could exacerbate anti-social behaviour and late-night noise in the area.

Councillor Zaffar Ajaib (Lab, Langley St Mary’s) told the meeting: “We’ve got a slogan in the town that we’re open for business but what we’re trying to do here is we’re going round trying to close the businesses.

“In this current climate we want the businesses to thrive, not to go round trying to pick point and close things down.”

Councillors questioned how many anti-social behaviour complaints had been against the venue but planning officer Will Doherty said he had no specific numbers available.

Following a vote by councillors, it was agreed in principle the venue will be allowed to trade until 2am each day.

A further two applications from Grill Street and tea room Chaiiwala, about 50 yards further down the road, were knocked back in their bids to extend their opening hours.

The venues must shut at 11pm and 11.30pm respectively, but councillors raised concerns over the impact late-night noise could have on nearby residents.

Councillor Pavitar Mann (Lab, Britwell and Northborough) said: “I absolutely accept that the businesses themselves do not have control over what takes place outside their business operation but we as the council do.”

She said the Grill Street application differed from the Peri-Peri Chicken Original application because it had more residential properties nearby which could be affected by late-night noise.

“I am very concerned about this application setting a precedent in turning Farnham Road solely into a late-night venue,” Cllr Mann added.

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  • PeteS

    12:40, 13 November 2020

    This should absolutely NOT be allowed. Farnham Road and Chalvey have been identified as the 2 worst areas in Slough for Coronavirus infections because of the lack of understanding and no social distancing. If you visit the Farnham Road during the day it is very difficult to social distance because the takeaway drivers & customers park all the way along the pavement areas and have no regard for anyone trying to use the walkways. I would suggest that rather than increasing the take away opening hours, they should be severely reduced until such time as the take away owners take ownership of the parking issues outside their shops.



    • Stranger

      21:18, 14 November 2020

      Try to be fairer to them. They are trying to run a perfectly legitimate and lawful business, and they are not responsible in any way for any particular lack of compliance and belief (which you term "lack of understanding") you have personally identified as a serious social problem. Neither are they responsible for the parking provision or lack thereof around their shops. Just how much social distancing is REALLY going in the schools and universities that are allowed to remain open during this "lockdown"? Why is it OK to condemn and penalise small local businesses for the actions of people who walk through their doors, but the spotlight is well and truly OFF the fenced-away schools and colleges in Slough? Could it be because this has more to do with doing away with the livelihoods of the "bourgeoisie" as per Marxist doctrine, and nothing to do with a virus so dangerous and virulent that people don't even know they have it until they've had a scientific test, and which kills people who are, on average, in their 80s, and the symptoms of which are indistinguishable from the common flu? I vote for them to stay open and and to be allowed extended opening hours. If I'm guilty of not complying with your New Order, come after me, not after hapless business owners trying to make an honest living.



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