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Councillor announces resignation from Slough Labour Group during fiery budget meeting

Foxborough Ward councillor Madhuri Bedi has announced her resignation from the Slough Labour Group.

Ms Bedi told councillors she was leaving the party during last night’s full council meeting regarding the planned increase in council tax for 2021/22.

She said she was ‘saddened’ by the decision to increase council tax bills by the maximum amount allowed following a year which has caused a ‘Tsunami of grief’ and challenges for Slough residents.

Cllr Bedi said: “There is no doubt the past year has been incredibly challenging. COVID-19 and lockdown has caused councils all over England to lose millions in revenue that is relied on to run services.

“Our Slough community in common with others has been severely impacted.

“In a year that has brought a Tsunami of grief, mental health concerns, high unemployment, increase in domestic abuse and huge financial burdens, residents would have welcomed a freeze or smaller increase to council tax.

“Had we chosen to do this it would’ve shown that we care, understand we are there at a time of great need.”

She also accused the council of ‘squandering’ money on its £39million town centre headquarters and said all decisions over finance, regeneration and assets within the council were being made by one person, Councillor Swindlehurst.

The council leader hit back and told the meeting he was not ashamed of creating a ‘world class’ council headquarters to help his vision of creating a town to do business in.

He added: “All the people who choose to leave us, the same fate befalls them all, you never hear from them ever again because the public don’t put their faith in traitors and quitters and splitters.

“They put their faith in people who stand by their principle, wear the same rosette no matter how tough it is and have the courage in their convictions.”

Councillor Bedi will remain in her position as an Independent councillor.

Local elections are due to take place in Slough on May 6.

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  • be_ transparent

    20:27, 10 March 2021

    Rob and Swindle - for the few, not the many. “Millions of pounds of taxpayers money has been squandered on the new council offices, £3 Million has been spent on refurbishment with £28,000 spent on plants alone.” - Councillor Bedi



  • PeteS

    12:25, 10 March 2021

    Councillor Bedi is my local Cllr in the Foxborough Ward. I can say first hand that Cllr Bedi is one of the most hardworking Cllr's I have ever known in the 46 years that I have lived in the Ward. Cllr Bedi is caring, compassionate and a people's champion. If Cllr Bedi says she is going to do something, then you can rest assured that she will give 110% with making it happen. Personally I am astounded to find out that SBC has spent £39m on a new Council Headquarters when residents in the Town have suffered unimaginable trauma over the past 14 months and for SBC to pass a hike in the Council Tax is a complete kick in the teeth for all residents. Cllr Swindlehurst should be ashamed of his comments made at the meeting, putting a plush new headquarters before the feelings of the people in his Town who like Cllr Bedi has said have suffered a Tsunami of grief in many different ways, I call for Cllr Swindlehurst to be voted out of his position based on his comments. I wish Cllr Bedi every success for the future as an Independent Cllr and I can say with certainty that a vote for Cllr Bedi is a vote to get the job done.



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