Resident voices frustration over water leak at Slough council housing

A Slough resident has voiced his frustration after a water leak at a block of council flats meant he had to vacate his home.

Tenants at the block of 16 flats in Grays Place had to be temporarily moved out after a water leak on Saturday evening damaged the electrics to the building.

Slough Borough Council agreed to put anyone without family or friends nearby in hotel accommodation while the issue was resolved.

Teacher Carlos Sanchez, who moved into the key worker housing in 2020, hit out at the council and its repair contractors Osborne Property Services for its response.

The 39-year-old said: “Every day I keep calling them and they keep saying tomorrow will be the day the engineer comes.

“In this hotel I’m homeless, I’m running out of clean clothes and I literally can’t work because of the wi-fi.

“I told them I’m a key worker but nobody is taking any responsibility.”

Carlos, who works at Foxborough Primary School, added: “I think this is a very serious thing because we are paying taxes, they offer these schemes (key worker housing) but things are not working.

“Now they are spending lots of money on this hotel which is more expensive than my flat.”

The council told the Express it has been working continuously since Sunday to get the residents back in the properties as soon as possible.

A council spokeswoman said Osborne Property Services is carrying out its final checks on the damaged council housing today and hopes to move residents back in later this evening.

A statement added: “We are sorry Mr Sanchez is unhappy with the free, safe and appropriate accommodation he has been provided with by Osborne and the Council following the incident at Grays Place.

“Both the council and Osborne have been working continuously since Sunday and have, as much as possible provided everything tenants have needed whilst in the hotel accommodation.

“We understand the frustration, but Mr Sanchez can be reassured we wish him to be back in his property as much as he does and are doing everything we can, not only to ensure the flats are safe but also habitable again and for this to happen as soon as it possibly can.”

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