Ceremony held to sign off Baylis & Stoke 'attractive neighbourhood' plan

A mini ceremony was held to officially sign off the Baylis & Stoke Stronger Healthier Attractive Neighbourhood (SHAN) plan.

When the plan was launched by Slough Borough Council in the Baylis & Stoke ward, the Ujala Foundation said they wanted to be involved and lead with other partners.

Through working with Aqeel Akram, the council’s community development officer, the Ujala Foundation supported the roll out, collection and promotion of the survey.

The Ujala Foundation has been serving the Slough community, in particular the Manor Park community for several years through various programs, projects and initiatives.

The ceremony on Wednesday, June 29 was attended by Baylis & Stoke ward councillors Cllr Mohammed Nazir and Cllr Fiza Matloob, as well as representatives from key partners, organisations and stakeholders.

Residents present at the event also got the chance to put forward their questions and concerns about the plan.

In the future, the Ujala Foundation want to bring key stakeholders, partners, organisations, groups and residents together to form a steering group which will lead on delivering on the action highlighted within the plan.

Cllr Nazir said: “It is brilliant to see the launch of another SHAN plan. We have already implemented these in Colnbrook and Britwell and the communities there are doing a great job.

“I look forward to seeing the action plan come into place. Ujala are a very resourceful and committed group and they will work with the local residents to make SHAN a great success.”

Cllr Matloob added: “This is a great initiative and to a see a local community group, who do some amazing work in the community, have a great reputation and are well established, step forward and adopt the plan, and take the lead is very satisfying.

“I personally know the work Ujala do and I am sure they will do an amazing job at delivering on the SHAN plan.

"This is also a great opportunity for community groups/organisations to come together to do collaboration work, and for residents and communities to come together for the betterment of society.

“We encourage everyone in the Baylis and Stoke ward to get involved, volunteer, contact Ujala and support this great plan. We will be here to support both our residents and community groups.”

For further information or to see the plan, contact the vice chair of the Ujala Foundation Arshad Mehmood on ujalaslough@mail.com 

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