In pictures: Arbour Vale pupils test their culinary skills

Hannah Crouch

Hannah Crouch

The culinary skills of pupils at Arbour Vale School were put to the test during a cookery competition.

Fully qualified and experienced chef Darren Tinkler was the host of the challenge on Friday, June 10.

Students were split into two groups, the green team and the orange team.

Their task was to prepare and cook a meal. The food was then tested by other pupils who voted on which dish they thought tasted the best.

As well as learning practical cooking skills, the students also learnt about nutrition and the importance of eating healthily.

Jackie Perrim, team leader of the secondary department at the school in Farnham Road, said: “It all went beautifully and kick-started our healthy eating week.

“Our pupils were amazing, they knew all the answers about nutrition.

“I was very impressed.”

Darren is a founder of Roots for Food, a company which delivers healthy eating and nutrition workshops across the country.

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