Eton rowers show they're masters on the river as both the women and men's side impress.

Eton Excelsior’s masters women lived up to their name last weekend as they won both races in the C and E categories at Molesey head. The women, who row in quads, are part of a newly formed eight-strong squad who, under Eton Excelsior’s Chief Coach Paul Franklin, also took first and second place in a mixture of quad and doubles races at the Weybridge winter head race.

The C category winners were: Kathy Johnson, Amy Hewitt, Erica Moon and Caroline Hague.

The E category winners were: Fiona Brewer, Alicia Allen, Nicki Kelly and Sian Arion.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their masters teammates were the masters men and senior women’s masters squads that both rowed in boats of eight at Henely ( the women’s crew) snf Molesey (the men’s crew). The two squads are working towards the head of the river races.

As well as training elite rowers, Eton Excelsior also welcomes beginners. The club has recently confirmed it will be holding its 2019 Novice Regatta on Sunday 19th May, 2019. The event, which requires no prior rowing experience allows people who would like to try the sport to take part in several sessions to learn how to row before teaming up with other beginners to take part in a fun mini regatta and family fun day at the club.

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