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Protesters voice opposition to recovery vehicles parking in Lascelles Road

A small group of protesters gathered outside the Slough Horticultural Show on Saturday to voice their opposition to recovery vehicles and lorries parking for long periods on Lascelles Road.

A group of residents from the street had previously submitted a petition to Slough Borough Council (SBC) demanding restrictions on the road.

A letter on the issue, which residents say was written by an 11-year-old girl, was sent to the council as well as Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex.

In it, the sender says they ‘don’t feel safe’ on their own street, worrying that their pet cat will eat bits of metal left on the road by the drivers, that children will be hit by the vehicles and that local wildlife will ‘go extinct’ because of left behind waste.

Neighbours have expressed concerns that the vans are blocking one side of the road, causing traffic hazards and restricting pedestrians’ vision.

“It really does need to stop, there’s a lot of children around and it’s not safe,” said protest organiser Rukhsana Noor.

“The flow of traffic is quite busy as it is, and on top of that there’s the parking,” she added.

The 45-year-old IT consultant said her brother once confronted one of the drivers and was told ‘it’s not your street, you can’t really stop us parking’.

A SBC spokeswoman said: “We have received a petition about this and Lascelles Road has been added to the very long list of roads where people have requested restrictions to be considered.

“Prior to this petition we have received very few complaints about parking on Lascelles other than that related to school traffic and on 11 plus day.

“We enforce the school keep clear markings but there are no other restrictions on the western side of the street and if the vehicles are taxed and insured, and not causing an obstruction, they are legally parked.”




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  • Stranger

    12:12, 22 August 2018

    This is a valid and fair protest. Whenever I go through Lascelles Road, timing is critical, thanks to the illegal and inconsiderately parked tow trucks there. During the rush hour traffic bottles up and it stops working as a 2-way street. It's many, many times worse during school term times. Cars are parked illegally on double yellow lines on both sides of the road. Sometimes they drive on the wrong side on the road in a desperate rush to find a parking space, putting oncoming traffic and pedestrians crossing the road in danger. As for the tow trucks, they are exceptionally wide vehicles and they are parked too close (like school buses often are) to the junction between Lascelles Road and Upton Court Road. It's complete pandemonium. There are never any traffic wardens or police there, and concerns raised with the council are ignored. It's a dangerous street where anything goes, at times (mostly school term times at around 4pm). Someone should take video/dashcam footage of rush hour on a school day at closing time. As for the truck haulage business (4 or 5 extra-wide tow trucks parked there at all times) it's scandalous and the council needs to take note. That ward, as I understand, often votes Tory (although it hasn't done this time). The local small-shots need to wake up and stop pretending to be Mafiosi, do their job and put this issue to the council. Residents should think a bit more about who they want representing them, and why it isn't working any more.



  • be_ transparent

    07:07, 22 August 2018

    I agree with Rukhsana especially the one tow truck muppet parking as close as he can to the junction of Lascelles road and Upton Court Road ! - but would also point out Slough Council got rid of the lorry overnight park in central Slough and put more parking restrictions in, and Lascelles road residents built on their own ample front garden parking spaces to extend their own houses and then expect to park their cars in the street, and don’t even get me started on ‘Upton Court Grammar’ (Slough Grammar !) admitting students from all over central London and their parents destroying rush hour traffic flows and parking cars and school buses in Lascelles road ... !



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