Conservatives lose overall control of Wokingham Borough Council

Conservatives lose overall control of Wokingham Borough Council

For the first time in two decades the Conservatives have lost overall control of Wokingham Borough Council.

The Liberal Democrats gained five seats in this year's vote - following up last year's gain of three seats to take their total number of seats to 23.

The Labour party has gained one seat with the Conservatives losing five.

Results from the independent parties remain the same at two seats.  

The historically Conservative local authority will still have a larger Tory cohort than the other parties, but today’s results mean they do not have an overall majority.

Party representation in Wokingham Borough Council now looks like this:

o    Conservatives - 26

o    Liberal Democrats - 23

o    Labour - 3

o    Independent – 2

There were 18 seats up for grabs in this round of elections for the authority, with one seat being contested in areas covered by the Advertiser - the Remenham, Wargrave and Ruscombe ward.

Conservative Graham Howe retained his seat with 872 votes, with Liberal Democrat Martijn Andrea second with 450 votes.

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