Hat Fitz and Cara at Norden Farm

Hat Fitz and Cara is at Norden Farm on Tuesday, July 24

Hat Fitz and Cara at Norden Farm

A musical treat from down under is making its way to Maidenhead.

Hat Fitz and Cara bring a unique combination of folk, roots and gospel blues that bring the audience back to a time once forgotten.

The husband and wife duo are a couple of real characters.

Hat Fitz is a veteran wildman of the Aussie blues scene, breaking the record for most consecutive appearances at Byron’s East Coast Blues and Roots Festival – 18.

Cara has a soul background touring Europe and US, and a talented musician and singer, she is just as likely to stun the audience with her voice as she is to start beating out a rhythm on a washboard or tin whistle, or both at the same time.

Foot stomping stuff.