Hospice slams 'disrespectful' litter at Bray Lake ahead of charity walk

Hospice slams 'disrespectful' litter at Bray Lake ahead of charity walk

Volunteers were left in ‘disbelief and disgust’ by the amount of litter dumped by Bray Lake ahead of a poignant charity walk.

Thames Hospice hosted its annual charity Sunflower Walk on Saturday to give families a chance to walk side-by-side in memory of those they have lost.

But when hospice staff arrived to prepare the course at Bray Lake before the event, they were greeted by broken bottles, bloody tissues and discarded cigarettes by the water’s edge.

The rubbish had been left by revellers who had spent time at the lake during last weekend’s hot weather.

Jonathan Jones, chair of trustees at Thames Hospice, said: “I arrived early on Saturday morning in a sunny mood and looking forward to marshalling on the course for our annual Sunflower Walk.

“My cheerful mood however changed to one of disbelief and disgust when I arrived at the gate at the back of the hospice grounds on the edge of Bray Lake.

“I was faced with a disgusting scene of empty beer and spirit bottles, cans, plastic water bottles, discarded clothes, cigarette packets, stubs and general littler.

“Bloody tissues were strewn around, a result of someone having cut themselves on some of the broken beer bottles littering shore and lake – a health hazard to humans and dogs alike.”

Thames Hospice chief executive Debbie Raven criticised the ‘disrespectful’ behaviour of those who dumped their rubbish at the poignant lakeside spot.

She also said parents had been seen dropping their children off in the hospice car park before the youngsters hopped over a gate into Bray Lake.

Ms Raven said: “First of all, that’s trespassing over our property and secondly it’s disrespectful. At the end of the day we are a hospice.

“This is just a plea to people to please be mindful of the sort of things that happen here and the fact people need that peace, quiet and tranquillity.”

Bray Lake is officially open to the general public to enjoy wild swimming and other water sports activities via Bray Lake Water Sports.

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