Breeder loses appeal over eight year animal ban

David Lee

Breeder loses appeal over eight year animal ban

A Britwell woman who kept cats and dogs in cramped and dirty conditions has lost her appeal against an eight-year ban from owning animals.

Teresa Reynolds was sentenced at Reading Magistrates’ Court in July last year following an investigation by Slough Borough Council’s neighbourhood services team.

During a visit to the 56-year-old’s council home in Long Furlong Drive, 23 cats and dogs were discovered living in terrible conditions.

The team found 16 dogs stacked up in dirty cages which were too small for them with some being shared by two animals.

Cats were also discovered living in an aviary with overflowing litter trays next to contaminated drinking water.

Police officers who attended the home reported an ‘overwhelming’ smell of urine and faeces.

Two dead puppies were also found dumped in a waste bin outside her home.

The council’s fraud team became involved when the investigation revealed Reynolds had failed to declare the income she received from trading the animals and had not provided update income information which would affect the benefits she received.

Her appeal over the eight-year animal ban was denied during a hearing at Reading Crown Court on December 9 with Reynolds ordered to pay an additional £6000 to cover the council’s legal costs.

Cllr Pavitar K Mann, cabinet member for planning and regulation, said: “This was a legitimate investigation and prosecution by the great work from the resilience and enforcement team with dozens of animals ultimately needing veterinary treatment and rehoming.

“The animal’s owner has challenged the entire process at first trying to get the animals back from the council’s care, to appealing the sentence which she must now serve in full.

“She is also responsible for the additional council costs during this appeal so that the council is not out of pocket.”

All animals in this case were surrendered to the council and were given loving and caring homes soon after the original investigation.

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