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New information contradicts claims made by Royal British Legion member about military past

New information contradicts claims made by Royal British Legion member about military past

This photo, which Mr MacDonald says is him, is of a different person, according to the RMPA.

A Burnham Royal British Legion member has been accused of ‘stolen valour’ after new evidence emerged which contradicts his claims about his military past.

Nick MacDonald, 63, had last week defended himself against accusations made by the Walter Mitty Hunters Club, an online group of current and former military personnel who work to expose bogus veterans, who claimed that he had never seen military service.

Mr MacDonald said he joined the Royal Highland Fusiliers in the early Seventies before joining the Royal Military Police (RMP) in a 30-year career that saw action in the Falklands, and Northern Ireland, where he received the Military Medal for bravery.

He was even interviewed by the Advertiser in good faith on the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War in 2012.

After the accusations began to emerge, Mr MacDonald claimed he was the victim of an attempt to smear him by ‘right wing groups’.

This week, the Royal Military Police Association (RMPA) said in a statement that Mr MacDonald had never completed his military training.

It said an investigation had revealed that while Mr MacDonald is a life member of the association, there appears to be no record of military service against that name or personal service number.

The RMPA spokesman added: “The gentleman now calling himself that, did join the army in 1974 under a different name and it can be confirmed that having entered the Royal Military Police Training Centre (RMPTC) at Chichester, and as was customary at that time, he was granted life membership of the association in his original name and that this membership was later amended by him to reflect his current name.

“However, it is a matter of record that this gentleman failed to complete his military training programme and that he was discharged from the army in July 1974.

“It is also a matter of record that a photograph allegedly supplied by Mr MacDonald to add credence to his back-story appears to show him wearing a red cap and Military Police high-visibility jacket when on duty in Northern Ireland (above), has irrefutably been dismissed as it shows another Royal Military Policeman who did serve in Northern Ireland and is recognisable to those known to him.”

A spokesman for the Walter Mitty Hunters Club said Mr MacDonald’s actions represented ‘nothing more than stolen valour’.

He added: “It is insulting to those who served and those who have lost loved ones paying the ultimate sacrifice.”

A Burnham Royal British Legion spokeswoman declined to comment.

Mr MacDonald could not be reached for comment.


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