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Langley man jailed for ‘appalling’ affray offence

David Lee

Langley man jailed for ‘appalling’ affray offence

A 21-year-old man from Langley has been jailed for affray.

Maxi Simms, of Eden Road, was handed a 25-month prison sentence at Reading Crown Court on Thursday (Feb13).

He pleaded guilty to one count of affray at the same hearing.

The charge related to an offence which took place at 7pm on September 23 in Cheviot Road, Langley.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Mohammed Rashid, of Slough Police Station, said: “This sentence reflects the appalling behaviour and violence displayed by Simms in this case.

“I am satisfied with this sentence as it demonstrates the robust stance which Thames Valley Police takes towards such offences.

“Thames Valley Police will never tolerate such levels of offending on our streets, particularly when there is evidence of weapons involved.

“We will relentlessly pursue people who commit these types of offences in order to bring them to justice.

“Simms will now serve a prison sentence where he can reflect on his actions.”

Simms was also issued with a seven-year criminal behaviour order.


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  • Stranger

    13:59, 20 February 2020

    This isn't journalism. "This sentence reflects the appalling behaviour and violence displayed by Simms in this case." "“Thames Valley Police will never tolerate such levels of offending on our streets, " Are you going to tell us what he did, or is that secret squirrel? More to the point, did you even ask the police what he did? Did you ask anyone at all? How about locals who live in the area - did you ask them what they saw or heard? Did you have a reporter at the trial who's able to tell us what this person did? Did you read any court transcript? No, no, no, no, etc. So we're all supposed to already know what he did, then. Because everyone in Slough supposedly knows each other, and this is all common knowledge? You should probably reconsider your business model, if your staff could all be replaced by a simple algorithm that copies and pastes TVP's publications. Thames Valley Police already has its own Twitter page(s), and website. Your organisation petitioned the government to stop "fake news". Well, it looks like any Tom, Dick or Harry could outperform Slough Express (and Slough Observer) in journalism. I'd rather have "fake" news (by your definition) than this nonsense. Don't forget to turn off comments whenever you post another "wanted" ad for TVP. And never mention the suspect's ethnicity, even if that could be used to help identify him, etc.



    • be_ transparent

      17:18, 20 February 2020

      TVP seem to be very careful to go out of their way to not tell us what is actually goIng on in our area, even post trial. This isn’t news to the TVP comms team - they just keep telling us absolutely nothing about what’s going on. You can only police successfully with public consent and telling us nothing does not help the public understand what we all need to do to reduce crime. It’s a shame the Slough Express just cuts and pastes whatever they get from the TVP, but if that’s all you are going to do you might just as well put the TVP twitter feed up on your website and save some salaries - Stranger makes a valid point that this isn’t journalism.



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