REVIEW: Halloween Nets at Night at Nets Kingdom, Black Park

REVIEW: Halloween Nets at Night at Nets Kingdom, Black Park

If you go into the woods tonight you’re sure of a big surprise…

The tree-top adventure at Black Park has been given a Halloween twist, and it’s scarily good fun.

I’d not been to Nets Kingdom, run by the Go Ape people, and wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s cool – imagine a large spider’s web of giant ball nets, chuting slides, giant bouncy balls, walkways and trampolines in the  slides – up in the forest canopy.

Arriving at twilight added an extra thrill, we entered through the ghostly gateway and sat on tree seats for the short safety talk and then, like magic, the 11 children in our gang  whisked themselves away.

The adults grabbed coffees from the little wooden cafe and chatted while trying to work out which child was which as they zoomed about above.

Tealights were dotted round the bottom of the trees and some green and soft white lights here and there  but it  was properly, atmospherically dark.

The kids played dodgeball, jailbreak and enjoyed just scrambling around. Our gang were aged nine to just 13 but I saw younger children having a blast and running round the canopy – and a couple of dads trying to keep up.

The aerial bridges and bounce nets span 120 metres and our kids were wonderfully worn out by the time we rounded them up.

Walking back to the car park along the fairy (or is it witchy?) lit path, they shared their experience...

Kit, 12, said: “When you went through the passages and people were shaking it, it made you fall over and laugh.”

Harriet, 12, felt that the staff were really nice and talked to them ‘in conversations’ and Annabel, nine, added they helped them with their games.

Charlie, nine, summed it all up with his verdict: “Fantastic!”

Halloween Nets at Night runs on Friday October 26 and Saturday 27.

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