Bus services withdrawn across Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead

Shay Bottomley

Driver shortage forces cancellation of bus routes in Maidenhead

Thames Valley Buses has withdrawn a number of bus journeys across Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead due to ‘changing travel patterns’ and the removal of Government funding.

Although no routes have been cut, a number of journeys have been shelved alongside timetable alterations across the Royal Borough and Slough.

In a statement, Thames Valley Buses said: “As customers continue to return following the pandemic, we are starting to adjust services to reflect changing travel patterns and traffic congestion, plus increases in costs like national insurance and fuel.

“These changes are, for the most part, designed to be as minor as possible to minimise disruption and inconvenience.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Government have been providing funding to replace missing customer fares, this was reduced in September of last year and will be phased out by October.

“This means that we need to start making changes to allow us to continue to provide as comprehensive a service as possible whilst customers continue to return. 

“In all cases, the changes have been made to better reflect the current usage of the services and cause the least disruption possible. We hope that as people return to work 'onsite' and more people return to leisure activities, usage will increase. 

A full list of the changes now in force are as follows:

Service 2: The 7.22pm weekday journey from Dedworth to Slough has been withdrawn, as has the 6.22am Saturday journey from Dedworth to Slough.  There are also some minor timing changes to other journeys.

Service 3: The 6.33am weekday journey from Highfield Lane has been withdrawn.  There are also some minor timing changes to other journeys.

Service 5: Weekday journeys at 6.30pm and 7pm from Slough now terminate at Cippenham St Andrews Church.  Journeys from Cippenham Green at 7.09pm and 7.39pm have been withdrawn. On Saturdays, journeys from Slough at 6pm and 6.30pm now terminate at St Andrews Church, and those from Cippenham Green at 6.32pm and 7.02pm have been withdrawn.

Service 7: Weekday journeys from Maidenhead at 5.55am, 6.30am and 8.45pm have been withdrawn along with journeys from Sawyers Crescent at 5.35am and 8.06pm. On Saturdays, journeys from Maidenhead at 7.05am and 8.20pm, and from Sawyers Crescent at 6.56pm and 7.56pm have been withdrawn. There are also some minor timing changes to other journeys.

Service 8: Weekday journeys at 6.16am from Maidenhead and 6.03am from Halifax Road have been withdrawn.  The 6.53am has changed to run as service 9 at 7.03am. There are also some minor timing changes to other journeys.

Service 9: The weekday journey at 6.33am now runs later at 6.45am and completes the full circuit as service 9.  The journey at 8.05pm has been retimed to run 10 minutes earlier. There are also some minor timing changes to other journeys.

Services 234/235: The weekday journey at 6am from Knowl Hill has been retimed to 6.11am, and there are some minor timing changes to other journeys.

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  • JoeSoap

    00:08, 27 April 2022

    Unlike neighbouring Bracknell and Reading the RBWM fails to sufficiently subsidise buses but brags about public transport when allowing massive housing developments with inadequate parking provision.



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