Dates announced for historic Swan Upping on River Thames

Dates announced for historic Swan Upping on River Thames

The historic annual Swan Upping on the River Thames will return next month, carrying on a tradition dating back hundreds of years.

The annual census of the swan population on the river is headed by The Queen’s Swan Marker, David Barber, accompanied by swan uppers wearing traditional rowing clothes.

The five-day journey moves upriver from Sunbury Lock Cut, Middlesex to Abingdon Bridge, Oxfordshire from Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22. 

Swan uppers will depart from Eton Bridge on Tuesday, July 19 before passing through Boulters Lock, Cookham Bridge and Marlow Bridge.

Mr Barber said: “We have received very positive reports during the 2022 breeding season with good numbers of cygnets hatching. However, the full impact of the outbreak of avian influenza will not be known until Swan Upping takes place. 

“During Swan Upping, we will once again be joined by a number of local schools whose children will meet the Royal Swan Uppers at several locations on their five-day journey up river.

"The children are usually able to see young cygnets from very close quarters and they have the opportunity to learn about the ecology of mute swans and how important it is to protect and preserve our wildlife and the environment in which it lives.

“We hope this focus on education will help swans and other wildlife in the future.”

Schools seeking further information about Swan Upping should contact the Swan Marker’s office on 01628 523030 or email 

More information on Swan Upping can be found on The Royal Family website.

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