Planning application submitted for new film studio in Marlow

Shay Bottomley
Planning application submitted for new film studio in Marlow

The developers behind a project to build a new film studio in Marlow have submitted a full planning application to Buckinghamshire Council.

It comes as objectors to the project have requested a meeting with developers as concerns remain over the potential impact on the environment.

The application of just under 400 documents will be validated by the planning authority and will then be available to view publicly on the council’s website.  

The Marlow Film Studio team have hosted a number of engagement sessions since the project was first announced last year.

Plans for the film studio include a 167,800 square metre production facility to the side of the A404 Westhorpe junction at Little Marlow. 

Robert Laycock, CEO of the Marlow Film Studios project, said: “Our ambition is not only to provide a best-in-class, sustainable film studio which will attract global investment and prosperity to the area, – but also to deliver up to 4,180 jobs as well as a traineeship scheme linked to local schools and colleges which will support the UK’s burgeoning film industry.  

“The Marlow Film Studios presents a unique opportunity for substantial new investment into Bucks and the project will cement the county’s place as the home of high-end film and TV production in the UK, and one of the most attractive places in the world to make movies.” 

The Save Marlow’s Greenbelt (SMG) group has written to developers Dido Property Ltd, inviting them to a public debate about the proposals.

The group, which has the backing of MP Joy Morrissey, has fears over the potential impact on the environment from the construction of the site.

A spokesperson for SMG said: “There is no doubt that this is a hugely controversial plan, but many people are confused about what the real impact will be.

“Whilst SMG is absolutely against it, we believe that it is in the public interest for both sides of the argument to be held up to scrutiny so that people can reach an informed opinion.

“If Dido really believe that the development will benefit Marlow then they should have nothing to fear from participating.”

The group added that it wanted to see any debate take place after the application has been submitted to focus on the contents of the development, continuing to say it wished to see councillors, schools and businesses invited to attend.

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