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Commons Sense: Joy Morrissey says we must 'maintain our discipline' as we venture outdoors

Joy Morrissey

DENHAM 132270-12

Joy Morrissey, Conservative.Beaconsfield parliamentary election 2019.South Bucks District Council, Oxford Rd, Denham, Uxbridge.

This week we received some welcoming news with the reopening of our garden centres and the go ahead to take unlimited outdoor exercise.

This must come as great comfort to many across Beaconsfield and its rural communities.

Whilst the reopening of garden centres will not only provide essential economic support to the industry but will also help occupy many of you who have gardens of your own. Many constituents wrote in about this issue so I am so glad to see it finally acted upon.

The easing of these restrictions reflects two things. Firstly, that your actions, by following the advice to stay at home, have been effective in suppressing the virus.

Secondly, it also highlights how we are learning more about this new virus every day. We now know that transmission outdoors, when social distancing, is very unlikely.

These two points together have allowed us to ease restrictions.Whilst we are doing everything we can to ease restrictions when it is safe to do so, we must not allow for complacency.

Although we are planning towards reopening schools next month, and restaurants the following months, all of this is conditional.

This is why the new message to “Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives” is so important. If we do not remain alert by staying vigilant, limiting social contact, and observing social distancing with discipline, then we cannot control the virus.

Failure to do so could lead to a second peak, and many more lives tragically being lost.

These new easings, along with any future changes, come with a heavy dose of personal responsibility. As we come out of lockdown it will become more difficult to enforce and police the rules.

This country is therefore counting on all of you to be sensible, follow the guidance, and to use your common sense and initiative when limiting social contact, and observing social distancing.

If we fail, then restrictions will be tightened, and the lockdown extended.

So please, enjoy the great outdoors, get stuck in with some gardening, but remember to stay alert!

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