What will homes of the future be like?

Staff reporter

Staff reporter

What will homes of the future be like?

What will homes will look like in five, 10 and 20 years’ time?

Homes of Today – a mishmash of work and leisure

With the Government pledging to build 300,000 new homes a year, AXA Insurance asked the public just that question and found a quarter of those asked already view houses as places of work as well as leisure.

A further two thirds are of the opinion that more people will be working from home in the future, so including a home office in your renovation plans might be a smart idea. Especially as, even though there are now more people working from home than ever before, only a few have dedicated spaces to do this work in.

Only a third of people currently work in a dedicated office at home, while another third work in their living rooms and 15% in their bedrooms.

Homes in five years’ time – technology becomes widespread

More than a quarter of respondents believe that all future homes will include smart technology such as Hive and Alexa in the next five years.

Some 27% believe there will be smart screens (e.g. TV screens you can use to call people etc) throughout their homes, while 25% think we will be able to charge electric cars at home instead of having to go to charging points.

Homes in 10 years’ time – The sustainability era

Concerns over sustainability appear in respondents’ hopes for homes in 10 years’ time, with almost 20% thinking they will be made mostly of sustainable materials (eg. solar panels, flood resistant technology etc) and will also be better equipped to withstand environmental factors such as storms, rain and wind.

Meanwhile, one in five believe homes will have access to driverless cars in the next 10 years.

There is a good reason why sustainability is so important in the future: a quarter of people think the UK’s electricity network as it currently stands would struggle to keep up with demand in 10 years’ time.

Homes in 20 plus years’ time

At the moment, only 20 per cent of people think homes have the ability to change rooms depending on their purpose (work, leisure, relaxing etc), however 43 per cent think they will have this ability within the next 20 years.

Other predictions included homes having more people living in them (38%), an increase in multi-generational families in one house (35%), smaller homes (31%) and the somewhat gloomy idea that homes will never become larger in size again (25%).

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