'Unlucky coincidence' links man to attempted murder and rape in Slough park, court hears

Tara O'Connor

Tara O'Connor

'Unlucky coincidence' links man to attempted murder and rape in Slough park, court hears

A man accused of raping and attacking a woman in Salt Hill Park was cross examined at Reading Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday).

Damian Kazimerczak, 19, of Salt Hill Way, Slough, is charged with attempted murder, rape and GBH with intent.

The incident is alleged to have taken place as the victim walked past the Absolutely Ten Pin entrance in Slough's Salt Hill Park in the early hours of Monday, December 28.

The victim of the attack claims the ex-Slough and Eton Secondary School pupil shouted a sexual expletive in Polish and said ‘money’ to her before sitting on her chest and trying to strangle her.

Kazimerczak was asked by  Michael Roques, prosecuting, whether this Polish word sounds similar to a word meaning ‘prostitute’ or ‘whore’, which he agreed with.

The defence for the mechanical engineering student claim that he paid for consensual sex with the woman who was later attacked by an unknown person.

The 19-year-old said he drank three beers and a cup of vodka and coke with his friends in the car park of KFC in Farnham Road.

He says he left sometime after 1am on December 28 and withdrew £40 from a cashpoint, adding to £15 he already had in his wallet.

He made his way to meet somebody ‘to purchase some cannabis’.

Kazimerczak told the court he was approached by a woman by Absolutely Ten Pin who asked him ‘if he wanted business with her’.

He said he then paid her £25 and after first going to a bush in the park, where his footprint was found, they moved to near the tennis courts where they engaged in oral and anal sex.

Kazimerczak was caught on CCTV leaving the park on the morning of his interaction with the victim at 3.03am.

In court, Mr Roques said: “It follows from your account that an unknown individual has come across her, has caused her injuries and has stripped her from the waist down, it seems without leaving any forensic trace and has then escaped the scene again without being spotted by the CCTV.

“And you would just say that is a very unfortunate coincidence.

“It is very unfortunate that your semen has been found in her leggings and it is terrible unfortunate that she has said it was you.”

To this Kazimerczak said: “She might have mistaken me for someone else.”

After he was asked whether the victim ‘had anything against him’ to make a malicious allegation, he added: “It is just a coincidence.”

Roques continued: “In the same way that her clothes were found where you accept you had been before?

“There is this blood pattern on your shoes that is consistent with you being at the assault that is very unlucky for you isn’t it?

“Then of course there is this very unlucky coincidence that you have been assaulted the next day, that leaves you with scratches on your face.”

Earlier on in the trial, the jury heard that the victim had scratched her attacker’s face.

The 19-year-old told the court yesterday that on the evening of December 28 he was ‘jumped’ in a park off Farnham Road where he received scratches to his face and again punched in the face on January 1 when he walked through Salt Hill Park.

The trial continues.

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