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Twitter can’t understand why people are excited to visit Slough in new advert

Twitter can’t understand why people are excited to visit Slough in TV advert

Remember the Disney adverts where parents tell their children that they’re going to Disneyland and the whole family pretty much wet themselves in excitement?

Replace Disneyland with Slough and you have the new Holiday Inn advert. If you haven't already seen it, here it is:

The advert may contain a hint of sarcasm as the kids bounce off the walls at the thought of visiting a town which is famously the subject of a poem that believes the best way to improve it is to redecorate with the use of bombs. 

Either way, people on Twitter can't get their heads around why anyone would ever be interested in visiting Slough, clearly forgetting that it is home to Europe's biggest trading estate. 

But finally, we had an answer...

What do you think of the Holiday Inn advert? A good bit of fun or just another horrible stab in the back of everybody's favourite town?

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  • SloughDweller

    13:35, 03 October 2016

    I thought it was obvious why they are excited: they are going visit granddad/grandparents. I hope most people 'don't get it' as a joke. Anyone who *really* doesn't understand this might want to have long hard look at their comprehension skills.



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