Five schools in Slough shut due to lack of water

James Hockaday

Five schools in Slough shut due to lack of water

At least five schools in Slough are closed today (Monday) because they have no water supply.

Slough Borough Council announced on its website this morning that Cippenham Primary School, Iqra Primary School, James Elliman Academy, Willow Primary School and St Joseph's Catholic High School are all shut due to a lack of water.

Last week Thames Water asked customers to refrain from using sprinklers and hosepipes because of the high demand during the current hot weather.

A result of the heat wave is that homes are using more water but the water supplier is urging its customers to slow down their use — especially in the garden.

Thames Water has increased the amount of water pumping into the network to enough to fill fifteen Olympic sized swimming pools a day.

Sunday, July 2, saw the highest ever level of water use across the Slough, Wycombe and Aylesbury water supply zone.

Although there is enough water to go round at the moment, the high volume of usage is causing some people to experience low water pressure.

Lawrence Gosden, Thames Water chief operating officer, said: “A garden sprinkler uses as much water in an hour as a family of four need for day, and your grass will soon recover.”

“So please give yourself a break from washing the car and watering the lawn, and take shorter showers this weekend.”

People using sprinklers to revive what they believe is a wilting lawn is not necessary according to Coral Russell, Turfgrass Growers Association manager.

She said: “Going brown is the natural survival mechanism of grass. When water is in short supply, grass responds by shutting down and turning a brown colour showing that it has stopped growing until more favourable conditions return.”

“Grass is remarkably resilient, and as long as you follow a few basic rules, most lawns will recover completely when the rain finally arrives.”


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  • Paludian

    22:10, 09 July 2018

    I am afraid the writer has missed a chance for some actual journalism here. The real story lies in the scandal of foreign owners stripping out the value of the monopoly which is Thames Water and depositing this value in their troughs, held via a murky labyrinth of offshore companies. It is dishonest to whine to the poor exploited customers when Thames Water's greed is entirely responsible for that company's inability to provide the services it once existed to provide.



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