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LOCAL ELECTIONS 2019: Candidate profiles for Slough

Kieran Bell

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With the local elections just over a week away, we're asking candidates standing for a seat on the Slough council to submit biographies about themselves so you can know a little bit more about them.

We are aiming to put up profiles for as many candidates as possible, and more will be added to this page as they come in.

If you are standing in the elections on Thursday, May 2 and would like your biography included in our coverage, please email a submission of about 75-100 words along with a headshot of yourself to in a similar style to the ones below.

Please note: These biographies have come directly from the candidates and were not written by our staff. Style, content and grammar may vary, while any views expressed in the biographies do not represent those of the Express.

Baylis and Stoke

Mohammed Nazir (Labour)

Mohammed Nazir has lived in north Slough for nearly 30 years and is married with grown up children.

He has spent his career working in the financial services industry, from banking to working as a personal financial consultant.

Mohammed is currently the council’s lead member for housing and has overseen the delivery of 150 affordable homes in the past year.

David Munkley (Conservative)

David has lived locally all his life, previously having served as a local councillor for many years.

I am sick to death of Labour running this town into the ground.

Residents lives are under so much pressure from increasingly unwanted planning decisions. Areas like Baylis & Stoke have been virtually left to rot by a council whose only priority seems to be to put their own interests first.

Enough is enough, and I hope residents have a real choice this time with our solid resident-first manifesto from our hard-working team of Conservative candidates across Slough.

Britwell and Northborough

Pavitar Mann (Labour)

Pavitar has lived in Britwell for almost 30 years, in Travis Court, and has been one of your Britwell councillors for the past nine years.

Pavitar is passionate about making our town a safer place to live and improving housing standards in Slough.

She established Slough’s Apprenticeship Awards, is currently the council’s Armed Forces Champion, and lead member for consumer protection.

Sebastian Rysnik (Conservative)

I have lived and worked in Britwell with my family for over 16 years having moved from Poland, and I brought my two children up in the area.

I care deeply about helping people in Britwell and Northborough and want to stand up for those who are fed up with endless council tax rises and massive wasteful pay-outs and give them a proper voice in decisions that are made.

I want to work to make the area cleaner and safer, and help people get their housing issues solved quicker.


Christine Hulme (Labour)

Christine has lived in Slough for the past 11 years.

As a trade union activist and former civil servant, she is passionate about employment rights and tackling poverty.

Christine lives in Ledgers Road, on the edge of the town centre, and is involved in local residents’ campaigns for neighbourhood improvements. She works at Heathrow and is a supporter of the Slough Arts Forum.

Chandra Muvvala (Conservative)

I have done my master’s in engineering and working as an IT consultant in managerial/technical roles for more than 20 years for multinational companies.

I am a synonym for reliability, commitment and passion in my profession and in my family and friends.

I am a people’s person and always want to make a better change.

I’m keen to do something for the needy and I will have the suitable standing as a councillor to do so.

I am particularly passionate about education and employment, and I want to empower people to strive for a better future with higher education and better jobs.

Taheira Sultana Mughal (Independent)

I was born in Tanzania and have lived in Slough for more than 40 years.

After moving to Slough I worked at the Berkshire social service, teaching adults different skills to do various jobs within the community, the Berkshire education authority and World Duty Free at Heathrow.

I am here to work for the local community and together we can bring change.

I would like to turn Farnham Road into a safer shopping centre for a unique and pleasant shopping experience.

I also want to support the youth in Slough by encouraging them to take up sport, jobs orientated training and other hobbies.


Ruqayah Begum (Labour)

Ruqayah has lived in Slough for 13 years and attended Slough schools, before going to study Law at university and working in a local law firm.

If elected as your councillor in Chalvey she will prioritise tackling anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and increasing the affordable housing available for local people.

Rhys Williams (Conservative)

I have lived in Chalvey all of my life and am currently studying at university.

I'm standing because I want to change the status quo in Chalvey, that we elect a Labour councillor and the ward just gets worse.

Anti-social behaviour and crime run rampant. Litter plastering our streets. Councillors elected to a safe ward where they don't have to worry about fixing our home, because they know they'll get re-elected.

I'm standing because this can't continue. We need to fix Chalvey and Labour have done nothing but make it worse.

Cippenham Green

James Swindlehurst (Labour)

James lives in Cippenham Lane and has been one of your local councillors since 2002.

He is the only candidate standing who lives in Cippenham.

Over his 17 years representing local people, James has secured improvements to Cippenham play areas, parks, the local street scene and Cippenham Library.

Lee Pettman (Conservative)

I am a resident who has been living in the area for years, working as a consultant with expertise in the retail sector.

I only came into politics a little over two years ago because I had an issue that Slough Council failed to resolve, and then last year decided I wanted to stand in Cippenham Green because there was so many things wrong with how both the councillors and council have been treating the area.

I am sick to death of Labour focusing on the wrong things – meanwhile Cippenham village residents’ daily quality of life is being eroded bit-by-bit – from terrible parking issues to road safety, I am determined to work with residents to put the focus back on doing the basics right and restoring some pride back into the village after years of neglect.

Nick Smith (UKIP)

I have been a resident of Slough all my life.

I am incredibly passionate about politics and am a regular on various radio stations giving my views on current affairs.

We have trebled our number of candidates from last year which is a sign of UKIP getting stronger.

Slough has been in a strangle hold from Labour for well over a decade. Slough needs change. Slough needs UKIP.

I am standing in the Cippenham Green ward as I have spoke to many residents who are angry with the many pot holes in the area and how they have been left like that for many months.

Also the boarded up properties are not only a eye sore but a disgrace to the many people who are on the housing list whilst we face a housing crisis.

I would ensure that no properties are left derelict for no longer then 4 weeks especially in housing crisis areas.

Cippenham Meadows

Natasa Pantelic (Labour)

Natasa has lived in Slough all her life, and has been one of your Cippenham Meadows councillors for the past five years.

Natasa worked as a primary school teacher and is passionate about improving the life chances of our children and young people.

She is currently the council’s lead member for health & social care. If re-elected, Natasa will continue improving our area and services.

Matthew Taylor (Liberal Democrats)

Matthew is an architect who has lived in Slough for 13 years with his wife and five-year-old son.

His experience with building projects locally gives him in-depth knowledge of the planning system and need for sustainable development strategies.

As a leading member of the Cippenham Lib Dem Focus team he campaigns on issues including demanding more council action to improve housing opportunities for Slough residents, and deal with litter and fly-tipping. He helped lead a recent community litter pick in Cippenham.    

Charlie Olsen (Conservative)

As a local resident of Cippenham for nearly 30 years living here with my family, I have become increasingly alarmed at how Labour has treated us, so have decided enough is enough, we need something different.

Across the Cippenham area I am determined to help residents protect and improve the green spaces we have, as well as tackle the various parking issues that Labour have ignored.

I am also putting road safety top of my agenda, our roads particularly in Cippenham are still far too dangerous. We must enhance quality of life for residents.

Colnbrook & Poyle

Gurdeep Grewal (Labour)

Gurdeep Grewal lives in Sutton Avenue, and has lived in Langley since 2007.

He works as a Compliance & Licensing manager for Transport for London and is married with a grown up family.

Gurdeep stood as a candidate in a Colnbrook & Poyle Parish Council by-election in Autumn 2017, missing out on being elected by only a few votes. He remains passionate about the local area.

Dexter Smith (Conservative)

Dexter is passionate about the history and people of Slough where he was born, and Colnbrook where he has lived for the last 30 years.

He doesn't want to see Slough swallowed up as a London Borough, or Colnbrook as an overspill of Heathrow Airport, he believes Colnbrook is - and should remain - the jewel in Slough's crown.

Dexter currently represents the people of Colnbrook with Poyle both on Slough Borough Council, and on Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council.

He was a founding member of the parish council in 1995, and its vice chair, 1995-2000.

Dexter served as leader of the Conservative Councillor Group, 2004-2008.

For four years he was Slough's commissioner for planning and transport when Labour lost control of Slough Council. He worked for 16 years as a lecturer in business studies at East Berkshire College.

Dexter is currently the Parish Council's chair of finance, and he is vice chair of SBC's health scrutiny panel.


Sabia Hussain (Labour)

Sabia has been a Slough councillor since 2012 and has lived in Slough her entire life, growing up in Upton Lea on the border of Wexham with Elliman Ward.

She is the deputy leader of the council and has played an active role in improving the council’s customer services and making local services more efficient for residents.

Sabia works with a number of local and residents’ groups. She is passionate about improving community safety as well as quality of life.

Ben Vincent (Conservative)

Ben has lived in Slough for many years with his family and works locally in the high street.

I want to fight to improve our town – particularly the high street which has been left in an awful mess by Labour after 10 years of inaction.

We must put residents’ first in this town, and tackle burning issues such as traffic congestion for the benefit of everyone.


Maroof Mohammed (Labour)

Maroof lives in Farnham ward and works as a practice manager at a GP surgery in Landsdowne Avenue.

She has two children who were both educated in local schools. Maroof is committed to protecting and enhancing our environment and will work for improvements to local open spaces and play facilities in the ward.

She will work with the council to make Farnham Road a more attractive and safe shopping destination.

Allison Miller-Ross (Conservative)

Allison has lived in the Farnham ward for many years, working as a local authority training manager.

I am entering local politics because our council is letting us down.

I want to stand up for all residents to make Farnham a cleaner, better and more prosperous area for us and our children to be proud of in the years ahead.

I am working hard to campaign for safer, cleaner streets, improving the council’s woeful recycling rates and facilities, and helping residents to access services to improve their health and quality of life.

Haymill & Lynch Hill

Hamzah Ahmed (Labour)

Hamzah Ahmed has lived locally all his life.

He lives in Cippenham and works as a recruiter for a local IT and customer services company. Hamzah served in Slough’s Youth Parliament, was named Slough’s ‘Young Volunteer of the Year’ a couple of years ago, and is a school governor at Cippenham Primary School.

Hamzah is passionate about improving local public transport, particularly for elderly residents. He is also keen to improve the local environment and street cleaning.

Niccola Parkes (Liberal Democrats)

Niccola Parkes is based in the Haymill and Lynch Hill Ward and has lived in Slough nearly all her life.

After attending Baylis Court School she went to university at nearby Royal Holloway where she was a member of the Dance Society and a cheerleader.

She also volunteered for a legal charity centre. Niccola believes Slough’s Labour councillors caused various traffic problems, including around Station Road, because they failed to listen to residents properly.

Niccola thinks it is important that services in the local area are funded properly by national and local government, and that the voice of young people in Slough is heard.

Paul Kelly (Conservative)

Paul was born in Slough and grew up in and around Blumfield in the ward, attending the local schools, and he has raised his family locally now living in Burnham.

I have been the councillor in Haymill & Lynch Hill for the last two years, and I have been representing residents as I witness the continued deterioration of Slough.

Since being elected I have challenged Labour time and time again about their failures on our children’s health and education, in particular children with special needs.

I am passionate about protecting our green spaces from Labour’s relentless building of block after block of flats in their determination to turn our lovely area into a commuter village.

I, along my fellow Conservative councillors will continue putting the daily quality of life of residents in the area first.

Langley Kedermister

Harpreet Kaur Cheema (Labour)

Harpreet was born and raised in Slough and attended Slough schools.

As a resident of the eastern part of the borough, she knows Langley well, and is in Kedermister ward nearly every day.

Harpreet lives in Colnbrook with her family and is a student - working towards a degree in aviation and airport management. She will work to address parking problems and to tackle fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour if elected.

Josephine Hanney (Liberal Democrats)

Josephine is married and has lived in Langley for over 30 years.

She is involved in various community activities, including helping run the Langley carnival. She worked in the community in Slough for the NHS and leisure services.

Josephine welcomes the extra money the Lib Dems have pledged to spend to improve mental and other health services.

She knows from her own career how important it is to have joined-up policies to promote health and leisure.

She is critical of both Slough’s Labour councillors and the Tory Government for their cuts to some services and disorganised, piecemeal approach in key areas of health, social care and well-being. She has actively supported the People’s Vote campaign.  

Meena Sharma (Conservative)

A resident of Slough and Langley for over 50 years, a mother to 3 grown up children with experience in Corporate, Education and Voluntary Charitable sectors.

Local and national politicians have lost the confidence of residents and citizens.

Instead of being public servants, there is a sense that councillors have become self-serving and that the needs and opinions of voters are not their primary priority.

Our Labour led local council has failed to address escalating crime, especially violent burglaries, failed to tackle litter, failed to resolve parking issues and yet have spent millions on wasteful vanity projects and staff pay-outs.

I want to make sure that public funds are spent only as necessary and equally for the benefit of all residents.

Sharon O'Reilly (Independent)

Raised in Chalvey and went to the local schools until I moved to Langley 16 years ago.

I have done voluntary work since I was 14 unpaid. My last voluntary job was as a public governor at Wexham Park Hospital.

During that time I pushed to get the porters a much better staff room, pushed to get the PALLS office moved to a better location in the hospital so it could be found by patients and relatives.

I was the idea behind  the Butterfly Lounge on the Dementia Ward at the hospital.
I voted against Blue Badges holders losing their parking places.

If I get elected a good majority of the councillor allowance I’m paid will go back into the community.

I intend to push for a youth club in Langley so £5,000 will go to support that.

I live locally and as far as I’m aware, the first councillor to donate a good majority of the allowance back into the community.

Langley St Mary’s

Zaffar Ajaib (Labour)

Zaffar grew up in Slough, attended local schools and lives in Sussex Place with his wife and children.

He works as a director for an IT company. Zaffar is an active member of the community, and supports many charities including the Mosaic Mentoring programme for children from local schools.

Zaffar will work closely with residents to get neighbourhood improvements and to find solutions to tackle the ward’s parking problems and anti-social behaviour.

Christine Bamigbola (Conservative)

Christine was born in Slough and has lived in Slough for over thirty years.

She has spent the last ten years working with several charities across London and South East England.

I am standing as for Langley St Mary’s because I have seen as noticeable decline in the area over the few years.

I believe it is a travesty that the elected council has abandoned Langley St Mary’s and continues to waste our hard-earned money at the expense of residents’ quality of life.

I am prioritising ensuring there is better policing and street safety, play activities for families and safer roads around the schools.

Julian Edmonds (Green Party)

Julian moved to the Slough area in 1989 and has lived in Langley since 2011. He is married to a school teacher from Hungary.

He has worked as an energy consultant since graduating and currently works for a water saving project based at Pinewood Studios.

Julian has been a Green Party member since 1985.

“I am standing to raise awareness of local environmental problems, and the fact that EU Citizens DO still have a voice and a vote in these elections," he said.

“If elected I would back a motion for the council to declare a Climate Emergency and reorder its priorities accordingly.”


Ranjina Basra (Labour)

Ranjina (Jina) Basra lives in Upton, in Lynwood Avenue, and has lived locally for 34 years.

She works in the education sector and is married with a grown up family.

Jina’s children went to schools in Upton and she served on Castleview Primary School’s PTA, before becoming a governor at both Castleview and Slough Grammar School for over 12 years.

Jina wants to ensure there is affordable housing for our young people. She wants to keep our schools doing well, and keep improving our streets, environment and local parks.

Rod Parkes (Liberal Democrats)

Rod Parkes and his family have lived in Slough for almost 20 years.

He is a passionate music and arts lover. Rod has been an active supporter of Slough for Europe’s campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit to allow the people of the UK to vote either to accept the final Brexit deal, or reject it and stay in the EU.

Only in conjunction with our European partners can we even begin to tackle the emerging global Climate Emergency and make this world a safer, cleaner place for the generations to come.

Tackling homelessness, by ensuring sufficient accessible social housing is available, is also high on his list of priorities.

Gurcharan Manku (Conservative)

I have lived in Upton with my family for over 30 years and previously served as the councillor for our area and have many connections with residents across the ward.

I support a variety of local charities and community groups and am passionate about helping people that need it most. 

I am determined to continue our work in trying to protect Upton from Labour failings.

We need to sort out problems we have with drugs and burglaries to make the area safer, as well as work to solve the issues we have with congestion and road safety, particularly around our schools.

Olivia Dixon (Green Party)

I moved to Upton from Windsor three years ago and I feel lucky to live here.

I am standing for council so that I can do my part to help this community thrive.

As a Green councillor, I will be a champion for investment in local services, I will fight to save and improve our public spaces, to increase access to affordable housing and to provide more walking, cycling and public transport opportunities.

I believe that, as a community, we already have the skills and knowledge to solve our local challenges.

I commit to trusting and listening to the residents I serve, so that together we can help transform Upton.

Wexham Lea

Harjinder Gahir (Labour)

Harjinder lives in Wexham Lea ward, in Knolton Way, with his wife of 36 years and they have three grown-up sons.

Harjinder owns his own taxi business locally.

He has served as a Wexham Court Parish Councillor for the past 8 years - giving him the experience, knowledge and skills to represent you effectively.

Harjinder is active in the Ramgarhia Sikh Temple in Slough, as well as various community organisations locally.

Jaswinder Singh (Conservative)

Jaswinder has lived in the Wexham area with his family for many years, with his children attending the local schools.

The reason I am standing is because I am fed up with Labour destroying our area – selling of our green spaces, mis managing our parish to the point of closure and impacting the quality of life for all residents.

It is time someone stood up to give the area a strong voice in the council.

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