LIVE: Slough Borough Council local election results 2019

Reporting Team

LIVE: Slough Borough Council local election results 2019

Good evening and welcome to our live blog of the 2019 Slough Borough Council Local Election results.

Our reporting team will be working throughout the night at The Centre count to bring you all of the 41 results. The first ballot box is expected to arrive at 10.10pm.

Reporters George Roberts and Kieran Bell are here with photographer Nick Parford to bring you all the action throughout the night.

5.02: That's all folks!

We hope you have enjoyed the coverage, you can read the full report here:

Express team signing off!


So overall, another great night for Labour. 

They won 12 out of the 14 seats, gaining two in the process: Langley St Mary's and Upton. 

Quotes from Cllr Swindlehurst to come. 


The final results have come in: 

WEXHAM LEA: Harjinder Singh (Labour) wins with 1,341 votes.

LANGLEY ST MARY'S: Zaffar Ajaib (Labour) wins with 1031 votes.

UPTON: Sina Basra (Labour) wins with 1,056 votes.


Haymill and Lynch Hill Conservative winner Paul Kelly.

He said: "I am very tired! It has been a long campaign and now we have to deliver on our promises to the residents, which is to protect green spaces and improve the environment."

He is one of two Tories who have a seat so far after eleven have been announced. Will they get any more? Stay tuned. 


Slough Labour leader on retaining his seat:



ELLIMAN: Sabia Hussain (Labour) wins with 1,261 votes.

HAYMILL AND LYNCH HILL: Paul Kelly (Conservatives) wins with 896 votes.

FARNHAM RESULT: Maroof Mohammed (Labour) wins with 1,224 votes.

CIPPENHAM GREEN: James Swindlehurst (Labour) wins with 1,037 votes.

BRITWELL AND NORTHBOROUGH RESULT: Pavitar Mann (Labour) wins with 1,120 votes.

BAYLIS AND STOKE RESULT: Mohammed Nazir (Labour) wins with 1720 votes.


So, if you're only just tuning into this blog, A) Why aren't you asleep? B) Of all the things you could be doing at 3am, this is really what you've chosen?

If you're sure this is where you want to be, then here are the headlines:

Of the five seats announced so far, Labour have won four and Conservatives one.

All seats have been retained so far.

Fingers crossed for an upset soon, we are expecting the results of three more wards very soon.

Finally, here are some great pictures for you to gaze at while you wait:


2.35: Kieran has just spoken to new Langley Kederminster councillor Harpreet Cheema, 21:



Christine Hulme, Labour 1,451 votes


Natasa Pantelic, (Labour and Co-operative Party) - 1098 votes


Ruqayah Begum, (Labour Party) - 1396 votes


Dexter Smith, (Conservatives) - 643 votes


Harpreet Cheema (Labour) - 977 votes


The full results of some wards are expected to be announced soon, but in the mean time, we found one of the few Green Party members running in this year's election.

Julian Edmonds (Langley St Mary's) said: "We are hoping to make a bit of an impact. What we are running in Slough has been pretty low-key.

"With things like David Attenborough on plastics and the Extinction Rebellion protests, people are a lot more aware of environmental issues."


Some overall stats for you.

27,200 people have voted in the Slough election today, resulting in a 28.88% turn-out. 

00.49: Turnouts for Borough wards have now been declared:

Britwell and Northborough 26.4%

Baylis and Stoke: 31.4%

Central: 26.87%.

Cippenham Green: 30.25%

Chalvey: 26.18%

Cippenham Meadows 25.7%.

Colnbrook with Poyle: 29.16%

Elliman: 26.5% 

Farnham: 26.91%

Haymill & Lynch Hill: 25.8%

Langley: Kedermister 30.18%

Langley: St Mary's 29.64

Upton: 32.15%

Wexham Lea: 37%

That's 27,200 voters overall.

00.39: Turnouts for all three parish councils have been verified:

Britwell - 26.9%

Colnbrook with Poyle - 29.3%

Wexham Court - 40.1%


23.58: Slough MP Tan Dhesi has popped by.

"I am very confident that [Labour] has an excellent slate of candidates - hard-working individuals who will make excellent Slough councillors," he told us.

"We have an excellent manifesto.

"I think it is going to be a lower turn-out, not just in Slough but across the country. 

"The weather didn't help, that always dampens turn-out but we are where we are."

23.40: Here's a few pictures from photographer Nick Parford, who will be with us to the bitter end tonight.

These purist ballot counters think thimbles are for wimps.

Independent Sharon O'Reilly (right) evoking Paradise Lost.

The ballot boxes in their designated positions.

23.17: Pavitar Mann, one of the first candidates in the building, has been watching the the voting slips get counted with an eagle eye.

The Britwell and Northborough candidate said:"It's going ok, we have worked really hard.

"The turn out is a bit low, the rain didn't help, it never does.

"I am very tired, this is my fourth election. It shows the work that my people have done, it never stops."

The Labour candidate was coy when asked if she thought it was going well.

Cllr Mann has not taken her eye off the counters, and we're pretty sure she knows a bit more than she's letting on.


23:07: Reporter George Roberts just nipped out to try and find a coffee, but stumbled upon council leader James Swindlehurst instead.

He seemed in high sprits after a series of '10 to 12 hour' days on the campaign trail. 

He said: "This is my seventh term in office, the residents know me.

"I've just popped in (to the counting hall), we are still in the early stages."

We can expect to hear more from Cllr Swindlehurst as the night progresses. I still need to find that coffee.

22:56: Similar to the Royal Borough, turn out is also not looking too high over in Slough. Council leader Cllr James Swindlehurst predicts about 29 per cent.

22:52: We have just spoken with some of the Conservatives. Cippenham Green candidate Lee Pettman and leader of the opposition Wayne Strutton had this to say:

22.20: The first ballot boxes have arrived, along with a few prospective candidates. Let the counting commence!

22.00: Good evening! Welcome to the live blog of the 2019 Slough Borough Council local elections. Polling stations across the borough have now officially slammed shut and the ballet boxes are on their way to The Centre. We are expecting the first one to arrive here in about ten minutes, so stay tuned.

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