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Commander for Slough policing says those that carry weapons 'will not be tolerated'

No weapons found after police called to Wooburn Green

Slough’s LPA Commander has said those that carry weapons will 'not be tolerated' and dealt with robustly.

Superintendent Gavin Wong, in charge of policing in Slough, made the comments following a section 60 order issued last week. 

The order was in place between Friday, July 24 and Tuesday, July 28 and grants the police increased stop and search powers. 

Supt Wong said the order was instigated following an increase in incidents involving weapons over the previous two week period. 

During that period the force received 10 reports and many of those involved individuals who were known to each other. 

He said: "To enable us to quickly identify and deter those carrying weapons and prevent any further incidents occurring we made the decision to put the order in place, and I hope that our local community felt reassured rather than alarmed by this.

"Reducing knife crime is one of my local priorities and there is a lot of work going on across the town.  We are working very closely with our partner agencies to help prevent further offences. However, those who choose to carry weapons will not be tolerated in Slough and we will deal robustly with anyone found to be doing so."

A section 60 order allows officers to search people for weapons, regardless if they have reasonable grounds to do so

Supt Wong added: "The section 60 order has now expired and our officers will continue to use their usual stop and search powers, where necessary, to ensure weapons are kept off our streets.

"We are always monitoring crime trends and intelligence and if we feel that there is a need then another section 60 order may be considered.”

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  • Stranger

    16:25, 05 August 2020

    Wong seems to be the right man for the job. My suggestion: build your networks up in schools. Parents don't discipline their kids, the schools are a minefield of lawlessness, and the teachers there are mostly busy keeping bullying incidents "off record", i.e. deliberately turning a blind eye to what they see and hear, in order to game the Ofsted inspection. You need a network inside the schools, so that pupils can inform you about whoever's the "edgiest" (look for general behaviour patterns, not just knives), and so that teachers and temporary staff have an avenue to CONFIDENTIALLY inform you about their concerns without losing their jobs. Make regular visits, leave business cards, etc. Most people have no idea what's going on inside schools. It's a racket. Schools are concealing massive behavioural problems and can be really valuable resources of information. Same with scumbag colleges (you know the ones). You should establish confidential lines of communications. Make paper notes - whoever's "coolest" is likely the one carrying the knife outside school.



  • be_ transparent

    12:12, 04 August 2020

    Do more of this, this will save lives. We could talk about why things get so bad that this is necessary, and how more can be done to eliminate root causes driving this idiotic behaviour in Slough, but for now its a thank you for doing a difficult job at a time when many fail to realise what their town would be like if you didn't do it. We do feel at times we are kept in the dark a bit about whats going on in Slough, presumably for 'operational reasons', but perhaps at some point before the end of the year it would be good if Supt Wong would do an in depth interview with the local papers to explain in general terms whats going on in Slough in a bit more detail, as most press releases are very sparse with detail.



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