Safety fears raised over broken traffic light in Slough

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The pedestrian crossing is located in Elliman Avenue

Disgruntled residents have raised health and safety fears over a broken traffic light located on a busy Slough road.

Helen Dunker and her husband Steve first discovered the light, in Elliman Avenue, whilst walking the dog on Saturday. 

The pair found it hanging from its cable on the pedestrian crossing, which Helen feared was 'an accident waiting to happen'.

After attempting to make authorities and the nearby James Elliman School aware of the problem, the couple took matters into their own hands and erected a makeshift barrier below the lights out of wheelie bins.

Steve also placed handwritten 'danger' signs around the location, which is the main crossing for the school. 

"It was obviously down to the wind on Saturday - that was probably about a quarter of a tonne ready to fall on somebody's head," he said.

Steve added that he found that the light was still broken on Monday morning, when school children were due to use the route to get to James Elliman.

"I feel we have done as much as we can," he said. 

When contacted by the Express, Slough Borough Council (SBC) said that it had received no reports of the wonky traffic light.

However it was being recorded as an 'urgent issue' and an engineer was due to visit the site imminently.

In another update today (Thursday), the lights have now been taken down but left on the pavement towards James Elliman.

Residents are also reporting a lack of temporary lights on the crossing, making it difficult for people to cross the road. 

SBC has been contacted by the Express for more information. 

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