Fireworks cause house to catch alight in Slough

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams
Discarded cigarette butts cause bin fire in Langley

Slough and Maidenhead firefighters tackled a blaze on a house at Gloucester Avenue, Slough, caused by fireworks this morning.

The fire began from discarded fireworks in a wheelie bin. This spread to a car.

Two fire engines were called to the scene at 5.30am for the car fire and discovered that it had spread to the annex of a house.

The fire burned through the front door of the annex while the residents were out.

As there was no other exit point from the home, Slough Fire Station says the situation 'could have been a lot worse', had any of the residents been home.

One firefighter tackled the car fire while two more used breathing apparatus and two hose reels to tackle the blaze on the property.

Slough and Maidenhead firefighters were on the scene for two hours.

Slough Fire Station has urged residents to take care to make sure fireworks are fully out before disposing of them in a bin.

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