SPONSORED: Three ways to use coffee in your hair routine

SPONSORED: Three ways to use coffee in your hair routine

It sounds like one of those social media trends, right? Using coffee in your hair. We’re here to tell you that it has real benefits, which are actually backed up by science.

A lot of people are using brewed coffee or even the leftover grounds from their coffee beans to make their hair care routine more successful. This is no fad, and the benefits have real, scientific reasoning.

Let’s dive into the science, before we look at the ways you can use coffee in your daily hair routine to good effect.

The Supporting Science

It has been shown that applying grinds from coffee beans to the scalp can help with baldness. Some people are even buying 'caffeine shampoo'.

Hair loss may happen when the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) starts to damage the hair follicles.

This is more common in men but can affect women, too. It usually starts pretty slowly, but lab studies have shown that caffeine is one of the ways to stimulate the growth of the hair and lead to wider roots and stronger hair follicles. Instead of expensive shampoo, caffeine from coffee can do the same job.

It is also shown in studies that coffee can help to promote the regeneration of hair. This is done through some of the antioxidants that coffee is so rich in, and it may stop hair from being frizzy and easily-tangled. Instead you’ll end up with a smooth and in great condition. Caffeine actually assists with moisture staying in the hair and can give an amazing sheen.

There are other studies showing the impact of coffee beans and other caffeine on hair, and how it can help with baldness but also assist with the condition of hair.

Incorporating coffee in your routine

Let’s look at some of the ways in which people are incorporating coffee beans and coffee grounds into their daily hair care routine, sometimes to great effect.

The most common method is a coffee rinse. This means using brewed coffee that has gone cold, or a specific type of cold brew coffee. You then apply this to your hair using a spray or applicator bottle, which can be commonly found in garden or hardware stores.

You should wash your hair as normal, but afterwards, when your hair is still wet, you can spray the brewed coffee to your hair and allowing it to soak into your hair and scalp. Keep it on for around 40 minutes, using a shower cap, or a towel wrapped around your head, to keep the coffee from dripping. After this, you can rinse it out, and then use a conditioner on your hair.

After both the coffee rinse and the conditioner, rinse out your hair with lukewarm water, and the coffee should have made its impact on your locks.

Another method is to apply the coffee within a conditioner. A lot of people will have a conditioner that they have added coffee grounds or concentrated coffee to. This is a way to ensure that those same effects from the caffeine are being soaked up by your hair.

Simply mix some leftover coffee grounds with a small amount of moisturiser before you use it on your hair, making sure you have given the coffee grounds time to be partially absorbed by the conditioner. It is fine to have the coarse coffee in there, but this can be really frustrating when it comes to the rinsing stage.

If you don’t want to use grounds, brew a strong espresso, and allow this to cool before mixing with conditioner.

Afterward, if you are worried about the coffee smell, you may want to apply a separate conditioner and rinse the coffee smell out of your hair. Let’s face it though, we all love the smell of coffee.

Drinking coffee might also be beneficial. Studies are limited, but some have suggested that the same benefits may simply come from drinking caffeinated beverages which can improve blood flow and help to stimulate hair growth on your scalp. It’s an excuse to drink more coffee, right?


Adding coffee to your hair care routine doesn’t have to be particularly challenging, and as we have already stated it can have some serious benefits, especially if you are noticing thinning or balding on your head.

Caffeine shampoos and conditioners are becoming more popular, but there is no reason you can’t use coffee. The same thing applies. Just make sure that any coffee rinses you use have been allowed to cool so you are not applying boiling hot coffee to your hair.

As more studies come out, expect more people to start to embrace the benefits of using coffee in their hair routine, and more products to become available in the process. Coffee has a great many benefits for the body and mind, and these include helping those who are starting to notice their hair getting a little thinner on the top.

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