Bus timetable expanded as fares rise in Slough and Windsor

Shay Bottomley

Windsor and Maidenhead bus disruption to continue throughout November

Buses will run more frequently between Slough and Heathrow Airport, Thames Valley Buses has announced, although fares in Slough and Windsor have increased due to ‘rapidly increasing costs’.

As part of a partnership between the operator and the airport, the frequency of the Green Line 703, which runs from Bracknell through Windsor and Slough and onto Heathrow, has been increased.

As such, buses are now running between Slough and Heathrow every half hour, instead of hourly.

Furthermore, services will begin at 3.30am, culminating around 11.30pm, meaning buses will be running for 20 hours every day.

At key times of day, the new short journeys between Slough and Heathrow will connect with the 702 in Slough, allowing customers to continue to/from Windsor.

“We have also improved the section through to Windsor, Legoland and Bracknell which will now run on an even hourly frequency between Legoland and Slough throughout the day,” said Thames Valley Buses.

However, commuters will now face increased fares in the ‘Slough and Windsor’ area as the costs of operation continues to rise.

For more information, visit: https://www.thamesvalleybuses.com/ 

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