‘Miscommunication’ causing confusion over bin collections

Hannah Crouch

Hannah Crouch

‘Miscommunication’ causing confusion over bin collections

A fed up resident in Lansdowne Avenue has expressed her concerns about the impact of irregular bin collections.

Elizabeth Bourke, who lives in the Slough street, said she was told by Amey staff, which manages bin collections in the borough, that collections will now be taking place every two weeks.

However, she says no one living in the street was consulted or told about this by Slough Borough Council (SBC).

She said: “I am speaking on behalf of residents who live on the street.

“We have a major litter problem in Lansdowne so collecting the bins every two weeks is not acceptable.

“I live right next to a block of flats and we have a problem with flies coming into our house so we try to keep our windows and doors closed.

“I just want to raise people’s awareness of what is going on.

“We are paying the council for these services but the kind of services we are getting is not good enough.”

According to Elizabeth, the alteration to collections started about a month ago and the bins were last collected on Tuesday.

She added: “I have spoken to some bin men about what is going on and they told me the collections had changed to every two weeks.”

When contacted for comment, a spokesman from Amey told the Express that the bin collections had not been changed to every two weeks.

The spokesman added what the bin men said to Elizabeth about the supposed change is incorrect and must have been a ‘miscommunication’.

It also confirmed bins in Lansdowne Avenue should be collected every week and any changes would be communicated through the council.

The company is also asking people to contact them if their bins are not collected on the correct day.

Visit slough.gov.uk to contact Amey about any problems.

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