New Slough Mayor appointed ahead of extraordinary council meeting

Hannah Crouch

Hannah Crouch

New Slough Mayor appointed ahead of extraordinary council meeting

A full council meeting in Slough was brought to an abrupt halt yesterday (Tuesday) as councillors voted to adjourn so an extraordinary meeting could take place next month.

Slough Labour leader, Cllr Sohail Munawar, proposed the motion before the council committees could be appointed.

The extraordinary meeting is due to take place on Monday, June 6.

It comes after it was revealed there has been a shake up in leadership of the Slough Labour group.

Cllr Munawar was voted leader of the group and Cllr Sabia Hussian was voted deputy leader.

However, despite these changes Cllr Robert Anderson will remain leader of the council.

The council’s constitution states the leader will hold office for four years from the date of reappointment by the council.

Cllr Anderson was voted as the leader in 2014, meaning he still has two years to serve. He can only be removed if a motion signed by at least five members of the council is submitted along with a valid reason for his removal.

Before the motion was passed, councillors voted for a new mayor and deputy mayor of Slough.

Cllr Arvind Dhaliwal, who was previously the deputy mayor, was nominated by Cllr Munwar for the role of mayor, who said Cllr Dhaliwal would ‘carry out the role with dignity’.

After he was elected and sworn in, Cllr Dhaliwal said: “My first act as mayor will be to put the community and the people of this town at the top of my priority list.”

Cllr Ishrat Shah was elected deputy Mayor of Slough after being nominated by Cllr Shafiq Chaudhry.

The meeting took place at The Centre in Farnham Road.

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