Charity SPICE writes open letter to mayor over fears for its future

Hannah Crouch

Hannah Crouch

Charity SPICE writes open letter to mayor over fears for its future

A charity for young skaters with special needs has published an open letter to the Mayor of Slough asking him to reconsider his decision to block a crucial meeting which could secure its future.

Special People On Ice (SPICE) faces closure if no temporary rink is provided when Absolutely Ice in Montem Lane is closed in autumn for a £7.9m refurbishment.

The letter, published on SPICE’s website, congratulates Cllr Arvind Dhaliwal on his new appointment and explains how they have been lobbying Slough Borough Council (SBC) to provide a solution.

Last week the Express reported how councillors were due to hear a temporary rink had been found at an extraordinary cabinet meeting tomorrow (Wednesday).

However Cllr Dhaliwal did not give permission for the meeting to take place. This delay could mean SBC lose the rink to another town.

The letter reads: “We understand that a special cabinet meeting had been scheduled for tomorrow regarding this provision, but that you have stepped in and cancelled this meeting in the light of current Labour party issues.

“We would ask you to put the welfare and wellbeing of our vulnerable young members ahead of the party political problems that the Labour party is facing.

“We understand that these issues need to be resolved, but not at the expense of 120 volunteers, siblings and members with special needs to whom, SPICE is a vital lifeline.

“Without SPICE some of our members may well be excluded from school and others will have no social interaction from week to week."

The mayor is also asked to watch the video below which shows testaments from children who use the charity on a regular basis.

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