Frustrated resident brands council 'lazy' following two year parking battle

Hannah Crouch

Hannah Crouch

Frustrated resident brands council 'lazy' following two year parking battle

A frustrated resident who has been battling the council for almost two years to change parking restrictions in two roads in Slough has branded council officers as ‘inadequate’.

John Lestourgeon, of Railway Terrace, Slough, has been campaigning since October 2014 to adjust the timings on single yellow lines in Mill Street and Petersfield Avenue.

He wrote to Slough Borough Council (SBC) in 2014 and suggested the times when people are not allowed to park to be 9am until 6pm instead of 8am until 7pm.

According to Mr Lestourgeon this would mean ‘those coming back from work can park their car before 7pm and have time with their family’.

SBC told Mr Lestourgeon they did not have any plans to change the parking but in November 2014, he received a letter from the parking enforcement and development team at SBC which confirmed the changes would come into effect by February.

However in March the parking team said the date had been pushed back to summer due to ‘resourcing issues and delays’.

Following a further exchange emails, the target date was moved to the end of the year.

Mr Lestourgeon’s last contact with SBC was in May when it told him there was ‘no further comments at this time’.

The back and forth contact with no resolution has frustrated Mr Lestourgeon who has branded the parking team as ‘inadequate’ and ‘frankly lazy’.

He said: “This situation has been going on for nearly two years and I doubt Slough council will keep their word on delivering this by the end of the year judging by their track record.

"The slow movement and lack of any solution is incredibly frustrating and demoralising.”

Mr Lestourgeon is now threatening to take the issue to the Local Government Ombudsman, an independent organisation which deals with complaints made against councils.

An SBC spokeswoman said the council referred Mr Lestourgeon to contact the ombudsman and confirmed the suggestion was ‘still on the list’ but officers had not got round to implementing it yet.

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