SPONSORED: Planning ahead for the 11+ 

SPONSORED: Planning ahead for the 11+ 

If your child is heading into Year 5 in September and you’re hoping they will gain a place at one of Buckinghamshire’s renowned Grammar Schools, then it’s time to start thinking about tuition. No matter how naturally bright your child is, the exam is structured very differently to anything they will have encountered at school.  While the test is designed to assess your child’s general intelligence and aptitude for a Grammar school education, rather than specific topic knowledge, success can be largely dependent on exam technique. 

Having the opportunity to practice all elements of the paper in turn and be able to do extra work on any areas they are finding tricky can ensure a child goes into the exam feeling confident.  Knowing know what to expect and what to do can really help maximise their chance of success along with lots of preparation on time management.  For example, knowing that you will benefit more from leaving one question but completing the next four (for four marks) rather than spending precious time getting one right (for one mark) is a learnt skill. Children in most primary schools are generally taught to do one question after another in order. 

At Head Start we have 25 years’ experience preparing students for the 11+. Whilst our focus is on achieving excellence, we fundamentally believe that children should enjoy the entire learning experience, structuring our classes in such a way that is unique to us; keeping our pupils stimulated and engaged, whilst ensuring they remain focused. We offer a well-structured, comprehensive course of study throughout the year for Year 4 and 5 students with weekly classes, assessment courses and mock tests; culminating in our highly recommended flagship Summer School and Revision Sessions.  

Our pupils are taught in small, nurturing groups using our very own bespoke and exclusive teaching materials and test papers, taught and led by two outstanding Head Teachers alongside our founder and Director Gillian Gray. 

Book now for mock tests on 24th July and for Summer School. 

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