SPONSORED: Making child arrangements if you separate or divorce

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SPONSORED: Making child arrangements if you separate or divorce

Is a stranger the best person to tell you how often you should see your children?

The answer to that is inevitably no. However, when parents separate or divorce and have children, they cannot always decide between them what arrangements should be put in place.  With emotions running high it’s not easy to separate the pain and anger and discuss what is in the best interests of your children.  

What options are available to you?

At Kidd Rapinet we offer a free 45 minute consultation where you can gain sensible and practical advice on how to resolve the issues between you and your ex-partner.    Contrary to what you may read in the media, nobody wants to have to make the decisions that you as parents should be making.   We aim for sensible negotiation so that your children spend time with both parents in a way that is child focused.   

Mediation or other methods of resolution?

It is a requirement now that parents attend mediation to try and resolve their issues before rushing into Court except in circumstances where there is domestic violence.   Mediators are independent - they will not take sides.    They work with you on a child centred arrangement that benefits everyone.    You can also consider alternative methods to resolve matters before going to court including arbitration.  

What if none of this works?

If none of these options work, then we can assist you in making an application to Court for a “child arrangements” order.   This is a straightforward application that will be dealt with as quickly as possible.   The Court will often appoint someone to talk to you as parents about what you want to achieve and help you find a way to agree.  Often that person will assist at Court on the day of any hearing.  

For a free 45 minute Zoom or telephone consultation (during the week or on a Saturday at a time to suit) to discuss your situation in the strictest of confidence, please call Kathryn Coyle or Eleanor White-Andrews on 01628 659411 or email kcoyle@kiddrapinet.co.uk or ewhite-andrews@kiddrapinet.co.uk


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