SPONSORED: Coffee machines for different styles of kitchens

SPONSORED: Coffee machines for different styles of kitchens

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There are virtually endless different types of kitchens out there. You don’t have to have a huge kitchen to enjoy the wonders of a coffee machine, either. Even in a small apartment you could always utilise a small but effective coffee machine to make sure that you still get your daily fix of caffeine and delicious coffee of course.

From a small and effective Nespresso machine all the way through to a big and bulky barista-style coffee machine, we’ve gone through some of the best options depending on the design and the size of your kitchen.

Coffee Machines For Small Kitchens

Yes, a lot of the people who are wondering if a coffee machine will work in their kitchen are worried about size. The coffee machine has come a long way in recent years and you might even be shocked at just how small some of them are. Some people even have them on their desk at work.

The small and compact design of a Nespresso machine is a great example. You might have seen these machines if you are staying at certain hotel chains.

There are some smaller espresso machines that also work if your counter space is at a premium. Just because you go into a coffee shop and see a huge machine that requires two people to run it doesn’t mean you need this in your tiny kitchen.

For a small kitchen, something like the Nespresso Essenza could be the ideal choice.

Coffee Machines For Large Kitchens

If you have a lot of counter space then the choice is really up to you. There aren’t many limitations if you know that you have enough space.

This opens up the possibilities of everything from a bean to cup coffee machine to something that requires you to learn barista skills.

A lot of people with a huge amount of counter space may even opt for an integrated model of bean to cup machine. This can be expensive, but they sit flush with the counters in your kitchen and this means that they have a really subtle look to them.

Coffee Machines For Classic Kitchens

Do you have a classic design to your kitchen? If it looks like it could belong in the 1800s then you probably don’t want to ruin that classic design with too much plastic. Modern isn’t always best when it comes to the look of your appliances.

Want to keep the classic design? A model with a lot of visible metal can actually enhance your beautiful kitchen. We recommend something like the Rocket espresso machines which have a fantastic metallic design. This exposed metal looks like it could be from a piece of equipment from the 1950s, but actually, you’ve got the joy of modern functionality.

Coffee Machines For Modern Kitchens

We all want modern functionality from our kitchens. This is definitely true when it comes to coffee machines.

The amazing features that we tend to see in modern coffee machines may come as a shock if you haven’t seen what is on the market recently. There are even a lot of machines that allow you to control them with your phone, making a coffee no matter where you are (and even from your bed first thing in the morning).

In terms of design, a modern looking kitchen means that you can enjoy plenty of modern-looking machines. You can opt for something simple like a filter coffee machine, and it is likely to look great. You can also go for something a bit more barista-style, such as an espresso machine.

In a modern looking kitchen, it doesn’t necessarily matter if you have something that has more of a commercial or industrial look.

An example of a coffee machine with a modern look as well as a great level of functionality is the Ascaso “Dream PID Anthracite“. This looks great in the vast majority of modern kitchens.

This is a professional model, too. As well as having a pressure monitor and control, it also has a professional filter holder with a smart wooden holder. There are also a variety of steel filters and a tamper, allowing you to experiment and create an amazing coffee no matter which style you prefer.

Choosing a Coffee Machine To Suit Your Style

There was a time when you only had a few different options for a coffee machine, and a lot of them looked pretty much identical.

Now, if you are concerned about how the machine will look in your kitchen then you have a huge number of options. Most coffee machine makers even create different models in a variety of colours and designs. No matter what your priorities are, and which type of coffee machine you are looking to buy, you’re likely to find something that can perfectly suit the look of your kitchen, small or large.


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