REVIEW: Giselle at Theatre Royal Windsor

REVIEW: Giselle at Theatre Royal Windsor

A ballet has the amazing power to move you out of the real world into an ethereal one.  On hearing the first tap of the dancers shoes on the stage (a sound I love) I was immersed in Giselle’s world of myth and legend.

Giselle is a romantic ballet set in a small village in Rhineland and centres around the love of a young peasant girl, Giselle, for her lover Duke Albrecht, who she believes is a peasant like her.

Deceit never turns out well and so unsurprisingly their relationship gets tangled in lies and treachery and sadly results in Giselle slowly going mad and dying. Rachel Victoria Hernon as Giselle dances this part particularly, I thought, with impressive authenticity.

I was glad I had read the brochure before watching the performance so that I could fully understand the story but my daughter and I, who also saw the Vienna Festival Ballet’s performance of Nutcracker just before Christmas, are impressed with this touring ballet company’s ability to put on such professional performances with such attention to detail.

They usually dance one-night only performances but luckily for us (and for you too!) they will be at the Theatre Royal until Saturday, March 9.