'We're back to doing what we love' - Tony Hadley looks ahead to Let's Rock the Moor

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As Let’s Rock the Moor returns on Saturday after a year’s hiatus, headliner Tony Hadley has spoken about his excitement to be back on a live stage.

As Let’s Rock the Moor returns on Saturday after a year’s hiatus, headliner Tony Hadley has spoken about his excitement to be back on a live stage.

Musicians have been hit heavily by the pandemic. Being confined to a small space makes it difficult to seek inspiration and flourish in creativity, particularly for prolonged periods of time.

Tony’s lockdown experience was no different to the rest of us; home schooling, long walks, and keeping each other occupied, to name a few, but as a musician he found it ‘incredibly frustrating’ to have enforced, sudden hiatus on his 40+ year career in live performances.

“People ask me ‘what hobbies do you have?’ but I don’t have any other hobbies really, because my hobby is music and writing,” said Tony.

“Not being able to perform in front of a live audience for 18 months was incredibly frustrating.

“Although I had the new album to finish, I didn’t want to do it virtually – that’s not my style.

“I want to be with people, in the studio, bouncing ideas off each other – I don’t like the thought of doing it clinically.

“I did a couple of charity records, but it was really weird singing down my phone!”

Live performances were among the last to see any form of return to normality come July 19.

“The last few months have been fantastic. We’re back to doing what we love and playing at gigs and festivals,” said the former Spandau Ballet singer.

“Do you know the first show back was really scary. I always get nervous anyway before I go on stage, even after all these years.

“Myself and The Fabulous TH Band – my mates who are great, great musicians – have a little routine that we go through, but just when I’m waiting for the intro music to come on that the butterflies start to kick in.

“Once you’re on stage, everything’s working, and the audience are there smiling and hugging each other, we were just so happy to be back.”

Although he still loves to perform the ‘Spandau classics’ – True, Gold and Through the Barricades, to name a few – Tony has his sights firmly set on the future, with a 40th anniversary tour booked and a new album, currently untitled, in the works.

“We’re going out on the road in March and in May to basically go to all the parts of the country which we’ve not toured for years and years.

“The show is going to be a couple of hours long, and hopefully it will embrace all the different musical aspects of my life – obviously people want to hear the hits and that’s what they’re going to get as well.

“We’re going all across the world in 2022; we’re off to Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and Japan, so I’m going to be a very busy boy next year!”

However, before that, Tony will be performing at Let’s Rock the Moor this weekend in Cookham.

And what does Tony think of the festival?

“It’s just such a great day out,” he responds.

“All the Let’s Rock gigs, I have to say, it’s all sort of a real family-run business if you like, and they really, really look after you.

“There’s a great atmosphere backstage, and they can’t do enough for you. All the crew that work there are really great and efficient.

“It’s the last festival of the year, so it’s going to be a bit of a celebration, and it’s going to be great fun!”

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