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Windsor Half Marathon training blog: week 4 - 'runger'

George Roberts

Windsor Half Marathon training blog: week 4 - 'runger'

After last week’s struggles, I’m feeling a lot better about myself today because… I ran a half marathon. Yep, 13 miles. Ok, so technically it was over a period of 48 hours, but still, it counts, right. Right?

Ok, no. It doesn’t count, but still, this week I am feeling quite pleased with myself. I was feeling negative last week after I pushed myself to the limit running 7.3 miles. It was daunting knowing that I was barely able to get halfway to 13 miles without feeling the strain.

This week I ran 7.5 miles and, well, it was pretty ok. I felt tired for the last mile, but that’s mainly because we sped up for a bit of a sprint finish. Then the next day we went back out and ran 5 miles like it was nothing.

We chucked some pretty serious hills into the long run too and I feel like I dealt with them. Running up a hill is torture, but once you get to the top, you can catch your breath back after about 30 seconds. The key is to just hang in there, and know that eventually it’ll be over.

Now that I have upped the distance though, I need to share a post-run problem that I think a lot of people also experience: runger.

After a run, I cannot stop eating. And this is not just for a couple of hours afterwards. It’s at least 24 hours, sometimes even 48 hours. I have to pack extra snacks in my work bag the day after a run because otherwise I’ll be out to Sainsbury’s to buy a five-pack of Belgian chocolate cookies at 3pm.

Dad gets it too. Mum just tells us we’re making it up as an excuse to eat more, but seriously, there's a logic to it. I’m burning at least 1,000 calories on a 7+ mile run, which is 50 per cent of my daily calorie intake. If I don't eat that post-run food, I'm at risk of wasting away.

Training continues, and I now only have three weeks left to prepare, which includes the week which ends with the half marathon. I'm still terrified, but I'm proud of how my mind and body have dealt with the challenges so far.

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  • NicolaR

    12:44, 16 September 2019

    Well Done George



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