A Guide to Selling your House

A guide to selling your house

The process of selling a house in the area of Maidenhead, Windsor and Slough, like every region in the UK, can be a difficult one. The property sales chain can be broken at any time in the process and so this house selling advice might come in handy.

Stage one - deciding on the right estate agent is key
A trustworthy and effective estate agent will give sellers more chance of having a smooth sale and will keep owners informed and up-to-date with developments in the process. Other less reputable companies may not do this. Communication should be kept with all parties from the beginning to the end of the sale and therefore keep a seller reassured of what is going on.

Stage two - importance of realistic valuations
It is easy for residents selling a house to become drawn into the prospect of a high valuation, however they must stay realistic. A valuation should be accurate if the owner wants to sell the property, rather than demanding an unrealistic asking price which could have negative consequences. The estate agency's reputation as well as fee should be taken into consideration.

Stage three - keeping it clean
As viewers usually make decisions on first impressions of a home, sellers should make sure the property is kept clean for viewings. It is vital that people selling a house clear out any clutter on show and pay attention to aesthetics, such as chipped paint and clean windows, as well as small DIY jobs which may be still on the to-do list. Sellers should bear in mind that potential buyers will probably delve into storage space, so cupboards should be kept as presentable as possible.

Stage four - appealing to all
Painting walls in neutral colours and considering what kind of style will appeal to the majority will help sell a property. Unique styles of décor should be avoided where possible as this has the potential to push prospective buyers away.

Stage five – garden
In a similar notion, gardens and outside space should also be kept attractive, tidy and clean. Small details such as brightly coloured plants and pots, a mown lawn and a lack of weeds can play a huge part in the first impressions of a home. Sellers should keep clutter to a minimum to show off the space.

Stage six - descriptions and photos
In a bid to entice buyers to view a property, photographs kept in the estate agent's listings should be bright and attractive and descriptions should be well presented to draw people in. It is common practice to go back to estate agent if sellers would like any part of the listing amended.

Stage seven - the cost of selling a house
It has been proved time and again that little things matter. Although a seller may not believe that a dripping tap or cracked paint would make a difference, investing in getting these intricacies fixed is vital. Spending a small amount of money to present a property well may pay off. Some buyers can lay a lot of criticism on a property if they find faults, and so small details may put a halt to them trying to fight the price tag.

Stage eight - Viewing protocol
It is always advisable to let the estate agent give the tour of a property to any prospective buyers rather than the seller. It is part of the estate agent's job and is part of the service which allows the agent to really sell the house. If they do their job properly they should be able to do this far better than the seller.

For people in Maidenhead, Windsor and Slough, selling a house can include many tricky elements - from preparing a property to go on the market to completing valuations, carrying out viewings, hiring a reputable estate agent and then organising relevant paperwork with solicitors and involved parties. The best advice for the seller is to take the process one step at a time and to be prepared for all eventualities, such as a chain being broken at any stage, which could force a seller to pick up and begin the process again.