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Council accused of 'sabotaging' plans to make Slough the world's first 'Smart City'

James Hockaday

The CEO of a telecoms company has accused Slough Borough Council (SBC) of 'sabotaging' plans to install a 5G wireless connection across Slough.

In July 2016 start-up company Angie Communications Ltd announced it had reached an agreement with SBC to make Slough the world’s first ‘wireless gigabit and Smart City.'

The Netherlands based firm planned to build several 5G hubs across Slough which residents would pay £30 a month to access.

Angie's CEO Neal Lachman has told the Express the Angie funded project collapsed in mid-October.

He says SBC made a list of public buildings including Langley, Upton Lea, Cippenham and Westfield community centres for Angie to turn into wireless hubs.

However he claims SBC would not let Angie access the buildings in mid-October, saying it could take at least three months to gain permission.

"From that moment I think it was off the table," added Mr Lachman.

He said: "I think we were sabotaged in Slough.

"They [SBC] have zero knowledge about what we were going to bring to the table."

He says Angie, which is working on plans in London, five US cities and eight cities in the Netherlands, chose Slough because of its tech-hub status.

The Dutchman added: "We were sold on the fact that they understood tech but most of these guys don't understand tech at all."

He said SBC ignored his emails a few weeks both prior to his visit to Slough around the end of September and after being told Angie could not access the buildings in mid-October.

"I have people in my inbox that say we need this in Slough," added Mr Lachman.

Businesses and buildings with 10 or more occupants can still apply to become 10G wireless hubs, which neighbours can pay to use. Visit for information.                                            

An SBC spokesperson said: "The council withdrew from the Memorandum of Understanding in October 2016 because we decided it was no longer appropriate or suitable to our needs."

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  • Markj

    14:32, 08 March 2017

    Neal Lachman has been crying the same sorry tale since the 90's when his businesses fail time and time again he quickly blames everyone but himself. I would imagine Slough Borough Council withdrew from the alleged deal once they carried out due diligence checks on you and your shady companies. How many times have you been bankrupt owing thousands to honest people?? How is the business going that planned to build the worlds largest building and science fiction battleship? Let me guess it flopped like Slough, Los Angeles, Netherlands and what next the moon?



    • Bizzy

      08:16, 10 March 2017

      Hi Mark Jackson from ISPREVIEW - where do you get the time to (s)troll on websites solely focusing and intending on Neal Lachman? Shouldn't you be busy hawking ISP comparisons and getting your commission from Angie's competition? What is your obsession with Neal? Neal is my friend and he has thick skin, but he thinks you trolls have racist motives, especially because he was and still is politically active ( Are you genuinely worried about his projects or are you a simple racist hater? I am working with Angie and Neal on a daily basis from the HQ in Holland. I own equity in the company, and I have taken it upon me to expose trolls like you for the (usually racist) haters you are. I have Neal's blessing to do this. As I write this, he is hoping that you will sue us for calling you a racist. If it were not for your racism, you'd be at least giving Neal the opportunity to explain what's really going on. But no, in fact it was you, Mark Jackson, who started calling people at the Borough. You railroaded Angie. On the other hand, Angie's projects are all going quite well, and even Slough can be back on the table if the council does what it promised. Any Due Diligence necessary was carried out before the signing of the MOU, so you are wrong there too, but you knew that already. For updates on our USA projects, check, for UK and for Netherlands For news:



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