Slough boxing club 'horrified' after being caught up in charity collection scam

David Lee

The manager of a Slough boxing club said he was ‘horrified’ to learn that his club had been caught up in a fake charity collection scam.

Two youngsters were seen approaching shoppers in Peascod Street, Windsor, on Tuesday, claiming to be raising money on behalf of Slough Amateur Boxing Club, in Mercian Way.

But when the Express contacted the club’s manager, Chris Donovan, he said none of its members had taken part in any fundraising activities.

“We’re not involved in any fundraising at the moment and, if we were, we would make sure that our members would be correctly identified,” he said. “We’re all horrified and would ask anyone that sees this happening again to take a photo so we can try and catch these people.”

A 48-year-old passer-by from Windsor, who did not want to be named, reported the youngsters to Thames Valley Police and the Express after they approached him in Peascod Street.

Police initially told the Express the collectors were ‘legitimate' but later retracted that statement and said they did not have licences.

The passer-by said: “They had no identification and must’ve been aged about 15 and eight.

“People were getting their money out willy nilly, writing their names and addresses and handing over the money there and then.

“It was just terrible to see people being tricked out of money. They must’ve got about £200.”

Slough Amateur Boxing Club has been training aspiring boxers in the town since 1945 and now has more than 100 fighters.

Mr Donovan said he was concerned the scam, which has also reportedly taken place in Slough and Britwell, could affect the club’s fundraising in the long term.

“We don’t know who it is but we’re really concerned as we don’t want it to affect us if we want to do some fundraising.

“It doesn’t bode well for the future,” he said.

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