Reading to light up the room and fly the flag for Coldplay

Siobhan Newman

Sunday November 28


Wycombe Swan

The Swan Theatre in High Wycombe will be lit up with a bright rainbow of colour when Coldplace hit the stage on from their postponed date of May last year.

Over a year after their original scheduled performance, the band will be lighting up the sky with their fabulously energetic show which they can now deliver to live audiences, and complete with Xylobands!

Xylobands were first used by Coldplay on their Mylo Xyloto tour, and the band also helped to develop the concept, tailoring it to their show.

“It’s a great addition to our show, as it really makes the audience feel they are involved,” says lead singer Shane Croft.

“The theatres look amazing as they light up like a rainbow in time to the music, and they really help bring the authenticity of Coldplay to the performance.”

It’s not just the audience that are lit up, as Coldplace have received great acclaim from Coldplay’s co-manager and creative director, Phil Harvey, recently, when they were invited to appear in a Coldplay video.

Phil Harvey wrote to the band to say: “Coldplace are pure quality.

“Thank you for flying the Coldplay flag.”

“We are obviously overwhelmed that Phil Harvey has taken the time to write to us after we did the video shoot for Coldplay,” says Shane.

“We’re so elated that Coldplay approve of what we are doing when we go out on stage, and we really couldn’t ask for anything more. It really is a privilege for us to perform their music to a live audience.”

With the theatre and live music able to make a return, this is a great opportunity to experience a fabulous and memorable evening out.

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