E-scooters making a 'positive impact' although concerns remain over safety

Shay Bottomley


The e-scooter trial is making a ‘positive impact’ on Slough although concerns remain over its safety.

According to operator Neuron Mobility, over 300,000 miles have been travelled on e-scooters since the trial launched in October 2020.

The company claims that 50 per cent of trips taken on Neuron’s e-scooters have directly replaced a car journey equating to an estimated 39 tonnes of CO2 saved.

A rider survey suggested that 90 per cent of users believed Neuron had created a positive impact on the local community, with 45 per cent of rides resulting in a purchase at a local business.

However, the e-scooters have not been taken into universal acclaim with a petition recently launched by a Slough resident requesting that the government reconsiders its support for the trials.

Cllr Wayne Strutton, conservative group leader (Haymill and Lunch Hill) said: “I see the benefits of e-scooters, but I also see the dangers.

“I’m not against them, as long as they’re used safely, the laws enforced and anybody who has one, should [e-scooters] become the norm, should have insurance because they’re a motorised vehicle.

“One of the big issues for me is the way they’re scattered on pavements; they almost need their own little locking bays the same as the hire bikes.

“I keep having four or five outside a house on Burnham Lane opposite Tesco’s when there’s a little parking space literally on the other side of the road.

“That road is used by disabled people, people with limited eyesight, and people trying to get in and out of their own drive, and these things are just left there blocking them.”

“If the e-scooters are not returned properly, or they’re not used safely, then there should be a warning system: ‘if you do this again, we will be restricting your hire’.

Neuron has stressed that its e-scooters are designed to be a ‘market leader in safety’ with a focus on safety features and rider education.

A spokesman said: “Neuron takes parking compliance very seriously and this is covered clearly in the riding rules to which every Neuron user agrees before using our service.

“Ultimately we cannot stop every incidence of irresponsible parking. Where they do happen, we prioritise reports of bad parking and rectify the issues as quickly as possible. Our operations teams work around the clock repositioning e-scooters safely, and moving them to areas where they are needed most.

“Those people wishing to report an issue are encouraged to take a note of the e-scooter’s number plate, which are fitted to the front and rear of every e-scooter, and report it to us directly 24/7 on 01753 981 1883 or by emailing sloughsupport@neuron.sg.”

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  • SpeakasIfind

    18:12, 02 July 2021

    I was walking through Salt Hill Park yesterday afternoon and there were a few children, no older than 12 racing them through a very busy park. Not only were they a danger to others, they were a danger to themselves as they were not wearing any protective gear. In this day and age, i suspect, IF one of them had come off the scooter, they would sue the council and therefore me as a taxpayer.



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