Slough High Street takeaway fined thousands for ‘serious’ health and safety breaches

Slough High Street takeaway fined thousands for ‘serious’ health and safety breaches

A chicken takeaway in Slough town centre has been fined thousands of pounds after being caught committing ‘serious’ food hygiene breaches.

Slough Borough Council’s food and safety team first raised concerns about the cleanliness of Peri Peri Original, High Street, during a routine inspection in July 2019.

Inspectors found raw and cooked food were stored together, mould was growing around the sinks and fat and encrusted food debris was on the cooker, preparation surfaces and storage shelves.

Health and hygiene regulations were also breached by having heavily contaminated raw meat marinades spilled on food containers as well as the fridge handle ingrained with old food.

The staff sink only provided cold water while employees were also spotted not changing aprons between preparing raw and cooked food.

Pictures of the mouldy sink area at the takeaway

Inspectors also found food was incorrectly stored and refrigerated leading to the possibility of cross contamination.

The council’s food and safety team raised concerns to Bilal Sarfraz who was running the premises.

But they found no significant changes had been made to make things safer during a follow up inspection three months later.

The council issued Food Hygiene Notices on H&A Food Chain Ltd, which owned the business, and Sarfraz who was in charge of its day to day operation.

All were complied with within six weeks.

Sarfraz appeared at Reading Magistrates’ Court on Friday, January 22 and admitted a total of 15 food and hygiene breaches committed between July 22 and October 31, 2019.

He also admitted nine food and hygiene offences from October 31, 2019, on behalf of the company H&A Food Chain Ltd.

Sarfraz was sentenced to a 12 month long community order, required to undertake 120 hours of unpaid work, given 15 days of rehabilitation activity and told to pay £1,000 towards the council’s court costs.

H&A Food Chain Ltd was ordered to pay a £8,000 fine and costs of £8,000.

Cllr Pavitar K. Mann, cabinet member for planning and regulation said: “These were serious food hygiene breaches which could have lead to serious illness of one of their customers who chose to order food from the takeaway.

“There are simple basic hygiene standards for businesses involved in food preparation and this company fell far below what is expected.

“Not to have hot water or drying facilities for staff to wash their hands is rudimentary; to store food items like chicken and rice at the right temperature when they are high risk foods requires basic food knowledge.

“Then to have the preparation area very dirty with old food, broken floor surfaces, windows and doors which did not keep pests out, just all add up to failing which we are pleased magistrates took extremely seriously.

“Food businesses need to know our food and safety team will work with businesses to get their premises up to high standards residents should expect.”

The takeaway has subsequently closed.

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  • SpeakasIfind

    22:03, 14 February 2021

    Let me get this straight... The inspection was in 2019 and the public are only told now? a year or so later?



  • JoeSoap

    14:51, 13 February 2021

    Another one for the boycott list



  • be_ transparent

    14:00, 12 February 2021

    It is not like we don't have loads of other takeaways to ruin Slough's diet !!! - maybe the council could close a few more takeaways and make some room for Slough Gymnastics Club on the high street instead. There are bound to be loads of large buildings being emptied because of retail businesses going under. The council always said it didn't have suitable options - well I guess that excuse isn't going to wash pretty soon. Perhaps it is time to make the high street a health and wellness hub so when young people hang out there they have something else to do other than stand around in groups eating fatty food.



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